Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Bikramjit Singh Gill : Canada’s Most Prolific International Basketball Player

Bikramjit Singh Gill destined to make it big in the game of basketball, given his excellent understanding of the sport, characteristic instinct and deep-seated desire to attain the high position. His fearsome competitor’s spirit, a guard’s vision and scorer’s touch made him a key player since his high school years.


Bikram Singh started his journey at the very young age.As the Canadian he is very talented with the ball in his hands and every once in a while can pull off a ridiculous shot when no one expects it! 

Excelling at the game in Ascension of Lord secondary school, he attended the Ball State University wherein his basketball skills helped lead the university to won many tournaments.His spirited performance brought him under international limelight.

Bikramjit Singh's ability to dominate the game from the opening tip was an unheard and unseen affair for someone of his age in basketball. 

After Graduating from Ball state university, he got an opportunity to play FIBA 3X3 Basketball in Japan where his team won the league, finished first in Japan, first in Asia and finished second in the world tour final in Abu Dhabi. After that season, he also got an opportunity to play 5on5 in the Japan B-league for Kagoshima. Game after game he broke numerous records to emerge as the top FIBA player.

Being one of the core basketball player and outstanding competitor, he  has faced lot of racism from the school time especially when you’re the only one in the team who looks different. Being strong minded got him through all this with positive outlook.

His professional journey was little tough at first because FIBA wouldn’t allow any headwear so he started tying his hair in a ponytail until they lifted the ban. 

Aside from his remarkable basketball achievements, Bikramjit Singh love writing music and also love to write raps in his spare time. He is working on many projects and also planning to drop some songs on all the international and digital platform soon.

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Dr. Gurdeep Kaur
Associate Professor
Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College
University of Delhi

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