Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Demonetisation and the Guru Ka Langar !

pic with thanks : Jansatta

Tata Hexa – A powerful machine with Luxury and comfort

I got the opportunity to visit the Hexa Experience Center in Gurgaon, formerly known as Gurgaon. The place is almost 40 KM from my home and it took me almost two hours to reach there due to heavy rush on the roads. Once there, I was pleased to find the entire range of Tata group in the same premises. There were also the fun zones such as GIF spot, Click a pick spot as well the magic show for kids. An NGO was having a Pet dog adoption centre.

After visiting all the Tata stalls I moved to have the Hexa Experience. I was asked if I can drive. They took a copy of my Driving licence and offered me a Hexa to experience the real luxury and comfort. It was a great time. The Hexa was really beautiful and powerful.

After having a great on Road experience, I moved towards the Off Road experience as me and my kids like the real thrill. We were asked to wait for an hour as some media teams were doing the shoot. After almost 25 to 30 minutes, we got a call for the event and we rushed towards the spot. A Tata Hexa was waiting for us.

The driver looked very experienced and he explained us about this power-packed, feature loaded and adrenaline pumped vehicle. The track was specially created and was having various types of hurdles, mud pools, wooden logs, inclines, slopes and the Tata Hexa ran very sharply. It was indeed very comfortable inside, though it looked very scary from outside. It took almost 10 minutes for the entire Off road experience, but I am sure it was a great experience for me and my daughters.

We were told that the car was available in both the Automatic as well as the Manual variants. The Automatic version has a six speed automatic transmission with selectable modes – sports and the auto – sensing Race car performance with manual shift option. It has been developed by Tata Motors in collaboration with its technology partners. It’s a power packed, feature loaded and adrenaline vehicle for the class which has an active and dynamic lifestyle. 

The Top 10 features of the vehicle are its Impact design, Varicor400 Engine, Super-Drive modes, New Gen Automatic Transmission, Comprehensive safety suit, 10 speaker JBL ™ system, Smartphone applications, 19 inch Alloy wheels, Sunblinds and the Ambient mood lighting.

Truly, it is based on a new versatile platform – a complete vehicle package, with an exceptional combination of Design, Luxury, Off road and On road experiences. I tried it On the Road and found it extremely suitable to our needs and when I experienced it Off road, it looked as comfortable as it was in the On road conditions.

The exteriors of the vehicle are quite impressive with its dual-coloured bumpers, Tata signature grille, stylish new projector headlamps as well the DRLs and a lot more. Similarly the Interiors are quite inviting with Sculpted seats, accentuated bolsters with Benecke-Kaliko ™ leather feel upholstery. It has a choice of eight colours for in-cabin ambient mood. I can say that we must go for the Tata Hexa as it’s the best.

Video used with thanks to Tata Motors.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib amidst severe SMOG a few days ago

#JetScreen – where entertainment never ends !

Viewing movies, listening music as well as playing games on a Wi-fi network on the Flight mode on my smart phone was a great experience for me. I had to go to Bangalore for a day and a friend told me about the #JetScreen on the Jet Airways flight.

As instructed, I downloaded the Airtime player on my mobile and boarded the flight in the early morning. It was a journey of around two and a half hours and I was really worried that in case #JetScreen was not up to my expectations, I will get bored.

Once in the air, I took my mobile and opened the Airtime player. Clicking on the Access button took me immediately to a Menu that gave me four options. The options were Movies, Music, TV shorts and the Games.

I clicked movies and a submenu opened with various options. I selected a movie and started watching. The video was quite clear. The sound was good. In fact, I had to slow down the volume of my mobile as my Co passenger was in a mood to sleep.

I also tried my hands on the Games section that also offered various options. I was playing various games, one after another, as a small child. Time was also flying, along with me in the plane, and it was not at all boring in any manner. In fact, it was a real entertainment while on-board.

I checked into the music section of the #jetScreen and there too, so many options were available. I listened to different types of songs and music for some time and enjoyed. Lastly, I viewed a few trailers in the TV short section. They looked really good and fun filled.

I was still busy on the #JetScreen when our pilot made the announcement to tighten the belts as we had to land in BangaloreIn the evening I boarded another flight for Delhi with an expectation that this will again offer me the Entertainment. But this time #JetScreen facility was not there. I checked my mobile so many times for the Wi-fi connectivity, but it was not available.

It was a sad feeling as while going to Bangalore, I had really enjoyed the movies and various games. But while moving back it was not available & was quite boring. It became quite difficult for me to pass those two and a half hours of the journey.

Anyhow, I have decided, that now onwards I will catch a flight with #JetScreen only and not otherwise as it is quite entertaining. If you don’t want to get bored while on-board, you too must try a Jet Airways flight with the #JetScreen. Believe me, it will be a great fun and entertainment for you and also for your entire family if moving together.

Please watch the Video ( by Mr B S Vohra ) embedded above for a glimpse of the entertainment that you can get while on-board on a Jet Airways flight. Just remember that entertainment does not stop when you are enjoying #JetScreen on your own device i.e. your smart phone. Please log on to the LINK for more details.

pics with thanks from Jet Airways & #JetScreen