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Gurmat Samagam in memeory of BiBi Nanki ji in Gurdwara Mata Sundri

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Three year old Baby Jahnvy Ahuja is MISSING from India Gate Lawn,New Delhi since yesterday  night.( 28th September,2014).She was in yellow frock and white leggings. In case you see/find baby Jahnvy Ahuja,please contact family. CONTACT NO. OF FAMILY :

Mobile. 9818180814 ,9971194777

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Open question to the Sikh Community worldwide ?

The Sikh players, who were asked by organizers to remove their turbans before their opening match at the Asia Cup Basketball Championship in Wuhan (China) in July, chose to cut their hair prior to boarding the flight to Incheon for the Asian Games on Wednesday. 

Even though, the entire Sikh community from all over the world, backed them, even though, All the big names in the Sikh community openly supported them, Even though FIBA came under the pressure of the Sikh community, and reversed the ban, but the two sikh players, Amritpal singh & Amjyot singh chose the match & not the religion for which Sarbans Dani Guru Gobind Singh ji sacrificed everything. 

My open question to the Sikh Community all over the world : 
Religion or a Foot Ball match : what comes first ? 
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Security hired to protect Sikh Temple worshipers amid dispute

Armed private security officers have been hired to protect worshippers and keep the peace at the Sikh Temple in Hughson because of rising tensions between two factions that disagree over management of the facility.
An 11-member executive committee charged with managing the financial affairs and operations of the temple was overthrown earlier this month and replaced by 11 other temple members who appointed themselves the interim committee.
During a temple meeting Sept. 7, a dispute ensued between members of the committee and people who soon after formed the takeover committee. The dispute centered around the bylaws of committee elections and the manner in which the elected committee was spending the temple’s money, according to Dupinder Bajaw, a member of the takeover committee.
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J&K flood victims grateful to Sikhs for shelter at gurdwaras

Srinagar: Hundreds of flood-victims in Jammu and Kashmir who found shelter at various gurdwaras across the the state are grateful to the Sikh community for their contribution in the rescue efforts.
Abdul Rasheed has been staying in Gurudwara Shaheed Bunga for past 17 days ever since he along with his family was rescued from his marooned house in Jawahar Nagar here.
"Floodwater did not spare any community, everybody was equally affected, but we are thankful to the members of the Sikh community" he said.
Expressing gratitude towards the Sikh community, the flood victims, of whom a majority were Muslims, said they would remain indebted to the community as they helped them without discriminating on the basis of religion.
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Sikh delegation members have high hopes from PM Modi

New York, Sep 28 (ANI): The members of Sikh delegation in New York said that they have high hopes from Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of their meeting with the PM. One of the members Surinder Singh said that they want Modi to solve the issue of Sikh riots in 1984 where many innocent people lost their lives. Another member Jasdeep Singh said that they expect Modi to solve problems of visa being faced by those who came and settled in the country in early 80s. Also, another member Chatur Singh Saini said that Modi should open more opportunities at the Indo-American level for Indians.

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Photos: The South Park-inspired 'Sikh Park' comic tells hilarious truths about progressive Sikh households that most youngsters identify with

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Footprints: Fear stalks the frontier sikhs

— File photo
The rickshaw chatters through deserted streets, shattering the grey silence curdled over the old city. At six in the morning, only the vendors from villages are here at the Kohati Gate, their pushcarts stacked with spinach. The shutters are still drawn on the pet shops, the birds unaware of the morning’s arrival, their dawn choruses unsung.
A Sikh family stands at the mouth of Jogan Shah Mohalla in Peshawar, waiting for someone or something, their bags a pile on the side. The young man, his face haloed by a black beard, gives me directions to the temple.
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Fighting enmity against American Sikhs with art, talks and superhero garb

ALFRED, NEW YORK: Standing before his living-room mirror one morning in August 2001, Vishavjit Singh put his fumbling fingers to the task of wrapping on his turban for the first time in a decade. It slumped to one side. Then the creases were not crisp enough. Finally, he got it right, and headed to his job as a software engineer in suburban New York.

Singh had stopped wearing the turban, an emblem of his Sikh religion, in part because he had not been especially observant while growing up. More deeply, he knew firsthand how that visible symbol marked Sikhs as targets of bigotry, sometimes by Hindu foes in India, sometimes by Americans who assumed anyone in a turban to be Muslim.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014


 DSGMC President Manjit Singh GK, General Secretary Manjinder Singh Sirsa in a Press Conference

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara parking issue turns into political battle

DSGMC release documents of handing over Rs. 100 crore parking-lot of 
Gurdwara Bangla Sahib to NDMC
Would never let portion of Gurdwara passed on to the government, 
says DSGMC president Mr.   Manjit Singh G.K.
New Delhi/23-9-2014
The President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) Mr. Manjit Singh G.K. and general secretary Manjinder Singh Sirsa  today made public, an agreement done by DSGMC in February 10, 2005, by then General Manager under the presidentship of Mr. Paramjit Singh Sarna, by which it passed ownership of Master Tara Singh car parking at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib to New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) after 25 years.
Talking to mediapersons Mr. G.K. said the move as backstabbing the Sikh Panth. Elaborating on the issue Mr. G.K. informed that the parking lot along Gurdwara Bangla Sahib was attached to the Gurdwara in 1970 with the efforts of Jathedar Santokh Singh and it was decided to convert it into parking lot for the convenience of pilgrims. A road that existed on the location was closed down to give way to the parking.
DSGMC president further informed that on January 25, 2001 NDMC chairman Mr. BP Mishra and on July 25, 2002 then Lt. Governor of New Delhi Mr. Vijay Kapoor, had assured then president of SAD-Delhi Mr. Avtar Singh Hit that the building plan of the parking submitted would be cleared.
Mr. G.K. questioned former DSGMC president Mr. Sarna’s compulsion to hand over parking lot to NDMC on February 10, 2005 after 25 years through an agreement prepared by his legal advisor Mr. Harvinder Singh Phoolka.  
Mr. G.K. said the move by Mr. Prahlad Singh Chandok also a former DSGMC president is questionable when he wrote a letter no. 11101/4-3 Dated November 17, 2004 to secretary NDMC for extending lease of parking from 15 to 25 years.  
“It is surprising that Mr. Sarna is writing to NDMC on December 11, 2004, for approval of building plan and two months later he decided to hand over parking lot to NDMC after 25 years,” said Mr. G.K. He further revealed that a day after receiving copy of agreement to be signed with NDMC, from associate of Mr. Phoolka, advocate Mr. Jasmeet Singh on January 20, 2005, Mr. Sarna handed over charge of DSGMC president to Mr. Baldev Singh Rani Bagh on January 21, 2005 through letter no. 696/4-4-D.
Raising questions on Mr. Rani Bagh’s letter no. 1073/4-3 Dated February 4, 2005 to NDMC secretary Mr. UK Vohra as ‘As desired/urgent’ authorizing then General Manager of DSGMC Mr. Sarwan Singh to sign the agreement of transferring parking lot to NDMC. “It was despite that fact that Mr. Rani Bagh was given charge of the DSGMC president for routine works. Why Mr. Sarna has not acted against Mr. Rani Bagh for misusing his powers,” Mr. G.K. further questioned.
Speaking about the terms of the said agreement prepared by Mr. Phoolka at the beshest of Mr. Sarna, DSGMC president Mr. Manjit Singh GK said that section 2 of the agreement gave away ownership rights of the parking lots and a park built over it to NDMC, section 5 talks of transfer of ownership to NDMC after 25 years, section 6 for imposing charges on the parking, section 7 says NDMC can use the parking lot or any other purpose despite expenditure on construction made by DSGMC, section 12 and 14, about maintenance, security, expenditure on electricity, and section 14 has provisions of inscribing logo of NDMC on the entrance of the parking lot despite it being named after Master Tara Singh. “Under what compulsion these terms were agreed the Sikh Sangat must question Mr. Sarna,” asked Mr. G.K.
“Panth Rattan Baba Harbans singh Ji have carried kar Sewa of the parking lot at cost of Rs. 100 crore, collecting portion Sikhs’ earnings, and its handing over to the government has exposed Sarna brothers,” said Mr. G.K. who vowed that he would not let the parking lot passed on to NDMC at any cost.   
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FIBA to review headgear ban

The International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is ready to review its rule which prevents basketball players from wearing headgear for religious reasons. 

It's an impact of the strongest pressure made by the Sikh community worldwide. We must keep on maintaining this pressure till FIBA officially announces a change of rule.


FIBA to review headgear ban

Trying to douse hurt sentiments of Sikh and Muslim players, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is ready to review its rule which prevents basketball players from wearing headgear for religious reasons.

A controversy erupted at the FIBA-sanctioned Asia Cup in China this month after two Indian Sikh players were asked to remove their turbans ahead of the game and the world governing body said last week that its policy-making board will review the issue at an August 27 meet in Sevilla ahead of the World Cup.

“FIBA’s Central Board, which is ultimately responsible for changes to the Official Basketball Rules, will review these requests and decide how to proceed in the best interest of the sport,” the 214-nation governing body said in a statement.

Indian players, Amritpal Singh and Amjyot Singh, were told to remove their turbans by Chinese referees before playing Japan on July 12. The players argued that the rule had never been enforced on them before.

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Taran Taran sahib 2 : SikhsIndia

Gurudwara Taran Taran sahib 1 : SikhsIndia

The 21 Sikhs of Saragarhi

A small body of Sikhs defended a vital North-West Frontier post against 10,000 Afridi and Orakzai attackers. Yesterday was the 117th anniversary of their heroic effort.

Britain’s Parliament interrupted proceedings and rose to give a standing ovation on September 12, 1897 to 21 valorous soldiers — all of them Indians, all of them Sikhs — for what was undoubtedly a tremendous act of collective bravery, and one of the greatest ‘last-stands’ in military history, the Battle of Saragarhi.
The of undivided India, now a part of Pakistan known as Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, is a harsh place. Embroiled even today in bloody conflict, it has been home to a multitude of battle-hardened tribes for centuries. In this tumultuous region, between the forts of Gulistan and Lockhart, which were built by one of India’s most proficient military commanders, Maharajah Ranjit Singh, is where Saragarhi is situated. As there was no visual contact between the two forts, Saragarhi was created as a heliographic communication post to signal between them.

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Worshippers cleared of assault following brawl at Springwood's Sikh temple

Four worshippers have been cleared of assault following a brawl in a Huddersfield Sikh temple.
The fight broke out following prayers at Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Prospect Street,Springwood, on February 2.
It is alleged that a worshipper objected to a speech being made by temple president Inderpal Randhawa and got up to interrupt him.
Other men supporting Mr Randhawa intervened and a fight broke out in which it was alleged that some elderly female members of the congregation were pushed to the floor.
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British Army honours Sikh role in World War One

The British army has honoured the contribution made by Sikh soldiers during World War One.
Thousands of Sikhs from the Indian sub-continent fought and died for Britain during the conflict.
The commemoration at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst featured a re-enactment by 36 Sikh volunteers.
Kameldeep Singh Samra, from Birmingham explains why it is so important to remember the thousands of Sikhs who died fighting for the British Empire.
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Sikh man's hair forcibly cut

Around six to seven unidentified men allegedly cut the hair of a 60-year-old sikh man and also threw acid on him in Bhogal area of south east Delhi, police said today. 

After the incident, tension prevails in the area, with hundreds of Sikhs staging protest demanding the arrest of the accused.

The incident took place around 7.30 PM yesterday when Ranjeet Singh Thapar, who runs autorickshaw, was returning home from his work. 

Thapar, who is said to be critical, has suffered burn injuries on his chest, stomach and private parts. 

"Police have arrested one Soman Nayak in the case and a case has been registered in this regard. They are scanning the footage of CCTVs installed nearby area to identify the accused," said a senior police officer. 

Officer also said that different teams have been formed to crack the case, adding that all accused would be arrested soon. 

"When papa was returning home, around six to seven unidentified persons stopped him near a private hospital here and suddenly started thrashing him. Some minutes later, they cut his hair and then threw acid on his body," Priya, daughter of Thapar, said. 

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DSGMC send help to flood torn Srinagar

Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) on the fourth consecutive day continue to send cooked food, ration, medicines and all sorts of help to the people of flood torn Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir.

A team of doctors and paramedical staff sent by the Gurdwara committee is also working round the clock in flood torn Srignagar.
“We are regularly sending cooked food for 50,000 people every day along with dry ration which includes, rice and pulses,” said DSGMC president Mr. Manjit Singh G.K. who visited the flood torn areas of Srinagar yesterday along with DSGMC general secretary Mr. Manjinder Singh Sirsa and other leader of Delhi unit of Shiromani Aali Dal. About 25 tonne of ration and other necessary items are being sent to the valley every day.

“Help from DSGMC would continue flow in the valley till it gets normal and we are helping every one irrespective of their religion, caste and place of native,” adds Mr. G.K. further according to him, the help flown to Srinagar includes biscuits, jackets, medicines, woolen clothes, water, water purifiers, tents and boats. Help is being sent in a special aircraft arranged by DSGMC.

Akali leaders Mr. Balwant Singh Rammowalia, Mr. Ravinder Singh Khurana, Mr. Onkar Singh Thapar, Mr. Kulwant Singh Bath, and Mr. Tanwat Singh also accompanied Mr. G.K to Srinagar. Meanwhile DSGMC member Mr. Samrdeep Singh Sunny, Mr. Jasbir Singh Jassi and Mr. Paramjit Singh Chandok are staying in Srinagar coordinating help to the flood affected population. Volunteers of Youth Akali Dal and staff members of DSGMC are also staying in Srinagar. Mr. Puneet Singh Chandok who is coordinating with cabinet committee on relief to Srinagar, said help is being sent in organized manner so that there is no overlapping and maximum number of people could be covered.

According to Mr. Sirsa as the things are going to get worse after water recedes and challenge then would be to fight out outbreak of epidemics and other ailments. “We are keeping close eye on the situation. I along with our president of DSGMC Mr. Manjit Singh G.K. would visit the affected areas of Srinagar and on the basis of assessment the help would be sent as per the requirement after water recedes,” informed Mr. Sirsa.

Meanwhile 30 families who were struck in the flood affected Srinagar were rescued and brought to Delhi in special aircraft arranged by DSGMC. The families belonging to Bihar and Gujarat were given financial help to go back to their native places, informed Mr. Sirsa. 

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SikhsIndia : Subscribe Free News Letter !

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Sikh movement stages charity walk across Sabah and S’wak

MIRI: It will be a thrilling adventure across Sabah and Sarawak on foot – all for the sake of charity.
The Malaysian National Sikhs Movement has embarked on a pioneering six-month long, 2,500km walk to raise funds for underprivileged children in the remote corners of Sabah and Sarawak.
The money raised will be used to repair schools and villages.
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First World War: Exhibition marks contribution of Sikhs during the Great War

A French woman pins a flower on Sikh soldiers as they arrive in Paris in 1916 Picture: Toor Collection

Men from the 15th Sikh Regiment spend time with the locals in a Flanders village after weeks in the trenches of the Western Front, circa 1915 Picture: UKPHA Archive

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why Benching Sikhs Feeds the Trolls

On August 27, the international Sikh community experienced a painful setback when FIBA, the International Basketball Federation, announced that it will not reverse Article 4.4.2, which bans players from wearing dastaars (turbans) on the court. Instead FIBA delayed its decision, saying that the Technical and Legal Commissions "...shall study and present options to the Central Board."
When I first learned that Sikh players were told by FIBA that they must remove their dastaars before playing at the Japan-India game in mid-July of this year, I was appalled. As the first turbaned Sikh American to play basketball for an NCAA program, I can testify first-hand that informed governing bodies have permitted followers of the Sikh faith to proudly wear their turbans in games on the United States, Canada, and elsewhere. These respected athletic institutions reject FIBA's notion that religious head coverings "may cause injury to other players" and recognize that these policies are discriminatory.
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Sikh cabinet minister Tim Uppal describes racist incident in Ottawa

Sikh cabinet minister Tim Uppal describes racist incident in Ottawa

EDMONTON - Edmonton MP Tim Uppal says he was the victim of a racist comment at an Ottawa tennis court.

Canada's minister of state for multiculturalism said the incident occurred on Monday when a woman leaving the tennis court looked at him and his wife and said: "Are they members? Why can't they play in the day? They don't have jobs."

On Monday, Uppal shared his confrontation on social media, both on Twitter and Facebook, adding that the worst part of the exchange was that his three children were with them at the time.

Today, Uppal took to Facebook to issue a statement:

"Thank you everyone for your words of support after my post last night. Canada is an incredibly diverse and pluralistic country that embraces the values of tolerance and equality of opportunity," Uppal said.

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Woman sues Dundee Sikh temple over kitchen explosion

Sikh temple
A woman is suing a Sikh temple in Dundee after she lost part of her leg in a kitchen explosion.
Kuljit Bahia suffered severe injuries in the explosion, thought to have been caused by a pressure cooker, at the Sri Guru Nanak Gurdwara temple in 2011.
The 54-year-old is claiming for damages against "the Sikh community of Dundee" as well as members of the Nelson Street temple's operating committee.
A civil action has been lodged at the Court of Session.
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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lungs checkup camp in the Polluted Delhi !

Why are Afghan Sikhs desperate to flee to the UK?

Afghan Sikh temple in west London
In August, 35 Afghan Sikhs were found in a container at Tilbury docks - one had died. But why are they so desperate to come to the UK?
The prayer hall at the Afghan Sikh temple in west London is packed with worshippers listening to the harmoniums and drums. Most of the people inside have at one time fled from Afghanistan. It is a country thought of as Muslim but there is a tiny minority of Sikhs, and their numbers are ever dwindling as they try to escape persecution.
Very little had been heard about Afghan Sikhs until 35 were found at Tilbury docks nearly three weeks ago. Those who were found alive in the shipping container are now claiming asylum so they can join relatives and friends already in Southall. The temple has been helping them with donations of food and clothing.
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Khanda Baba Deep singh ji : SikhsIndia


U.S. Gurdwaras Plan $5M Campaign to Project Positive Sikh Image

Washington, D.C. — Over 100 representatives from gurdwaras across the U.S. have pledged support for the National Sikh Campaign's plan to engage top U.S. political operatives and media firms for presenting the community positively.
Meeting here recently this month for a grassroots meeting called by the newly formed NSC, the gurdwara representatives set a target of raising $5 million to shape the Sikh image in America, according to a media release.
During the strategy session, Geoff Garin of Hart Research, who served as Hillary Clinton's former top political strategist, and Isaac Baker of AKPD Message and Media, President Barack Obama's media firm, outlined a roadmap of how Sikhs can change perceptions in the U.S. and how crucial the campaign will be to the future of Sikhs.

Garin also gave the meeting's participants an exclusive update on NSC's groundbreaking messaging research that will underpin the effort and inform the community how it can effectively communicate to the American public.
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Another Sikh killed in his shop in NW Frontier yesterday.

Action Taken by UNITED SIKHS for Sikhs in Peshawar, Pakistan

  • UNITED SIKHS has been approached by 70 Sikh families in Peshawar who wish to apply for asylum. We have been meeting one-on-one with family members of those most vulnerable and receiving threats from different groups. There are approximately 800 families and approximately 7,000 Sikhs living in Peshawar.

  • Since December 2009, UNITED SIKHS has provided assistance to rehabilitate affected families who had to flee their homes in the Federal Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) of Pakistan due to threats from the Taliban and the communal conflict. Read about our efforts at:

  • We are in dialogue with the United States Department of State (DOS) to assure Sikhs in Peshawar are not forgotten and a solution is found for these families as soon as possible.

  • We are reaching out to the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, DC to make sure they are going above and beyond in looking out for the Sikh community in Pakistan as tensions build.

  • We have also approached Canadian MPs to take up the issue of asylum for Sikh victims of terror.
Peshawar, Pakistan - So far, 70 Peshawar Sikh families have sought UNITED SIKHS' help to obtain asylum following a campaign of terror, epitomised by the brutal killing of teenager Jagmohan Singh, when a gunman shot at Sikhs in a market area on 6th Aug 2014. The United States Department of State has assured UNITED SIKHS that it is investigating the situation faced by Sikhs in Peshawar.

Jagmohan Singh, a 17-year-old Sikh trader, died when he was shot and killed by an unknown gunman in the busy Shabab Market in the Hashtnagri area of Peshawar, in the North West Frontier region of Pakistan. Two of Jagmohan's friends, Param Singh and Manmit Singh, were also injured when the gunman opened fire on them. According to local newspaper Daily Aaj, Al Qaeda leader Ameer Yousafraza Mujahid of Bajaur and Mohmand Agency claimed responsibility for killing Jagmohan in Peshawar. The group also warned of more attacks until the end of the military operation "Zarb-e- Azb" in North Waziristan Agency.

Following the murder of Jagmohan Singh, the Sikh community in Peshawar took to the streets to protest against the government's failure to protect members of minority communities. Protesters burned tires and blocked roads, including the Grand Trunk (GT) road in Peshawar.

Eyewitness Diva Singh said that the three victims were in their shops at the Shabab market in the Khush Hal Bazaar in Hashtnagri when a man entered the premises and opened fire. Alarmed, other shopkeepers closed their shops. Diya further stated that the attacker, who had come on a motorbike, did not face any resistance and escaped.

Now, on the afternoon of August 3, 2014, Aamarjeet Singh, was also stabbed to death inside his shop in Shaheedan Bazaar.

"The situation for minorities has worsened day-by-day since January 2014 due to bad law and order. The killing of Sikhs in Peshawar has created a lot of tension among the community and the government has told the community that it cannot protect them. The community has decided to migrate from Peshawar and leave this country," says Herdyal Singh, UNITED SIKHS Aid Project Coordinator, Pakistan.