Tucked away between commercial establishments on the busy road leading to the Secunderabad station, stands an unassuming building with a board that reads ‘Guru Nanak Medical Centre'.
Inside the centre, patients enter and exit rooms allotted for varied medical services one after the other, without much wait. And as they exit, the approval in their looks is unmistakable. A stark contrast to what one would expect on one look at the non-descript exteriors.
Calling out to the poor and down-trodden over the past five years, the centre, which is a unit of the Guru Nanak Charitable Trust, has been providing quality medical services at highly subsidised prices at a time when health care costs are sky-high.
“The way the doctor listens and explains the problem itself, makes you feel like half the illness has been alleviated,” says Manga, who had just finished her consultation with a physicist.
Interestingly, 365 donors of the Sikh community fund the functioning of the hospital through the year. Each one donates Rs. 5,100 on one day in a year, either for a birthday or an anniversary, and the centre gets funds all through the year.

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