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Punjab : Golden Temple, Amritsar, House of God

Punjab: Golden Temple, Amritsar
Wed, Feb 25 09:57 AM
If it takes your breath away during the day, watch out for its reflection in the water at night. A visit to this temple, that's resounding with gurbani, is an amazing experience
You might have read about it several times and seen it in movies as well, but when you reach the spot your reaction will still be of awe. Made of marble and enveloped in a patina of gold, glistening in the sharp sun, a mere glimpse of the Golden Temple is a stunning sight to behold.
For Sikhs there is no place as sacred as this beautiful and serene temple, also known as Harmandir Sahib, meaning House of God. It contains the Guru Granth Sahib, the holiest literature for Sikhs, which is always worshipped here.
Rising from amidst the water contained in the tank, which is believed to have been dug by Guru Ram Das, the temple has a spectacular backdrop as well. Inside the compound, there are many other shrines dedicated to Sikh gurus and martyrs. The holy book is read continuously and it is peaceful to just sit there for some time and listen to the chants. The Golden Temple is also an oasis of sharing and spirituality. The langar dishes out mouth-watering vegetarian food for thousands of devotees. Even if you don't have a sweet tooth you will develop one, after tasting the kara prasad that's oozing with ghee. It is said that anyone who comes to the temple, no matter what religion they belong to, is never turned away on an empty stomach. While you are wandering the streets of Amritsar don't forget to taste the famous kulcha chhole and Amritsari fish.
Major attractions: Baisakhi, in April, is the best time to visit the temple. It marks the beginning of a new year for Sikhs. The temple is lit up, and thousands of devotees take a holy dip and offer prayers here
Getting there: Fly to Amritsar from any metro city. From the airport it will take you about one hour to reach the temple. Plenty of trains ply to Amritsar.

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Fee hike by Khalsa Schools in Delhi

Sat Sri Akal,

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NRI Doctor celebrates his birthday in unique way

Aged NRI Dr Avtar Singh showed an exemplary way to others to celebrate birthday. The NRI came all the way from the USA to celebrate his 80th birthday by sponsoring an eye camp at Raipur Pir Bux Wala, a remote village of Kapurthala.Dr Avtar Singh, a senior plant diseases specialist (PhD) entomology, in collaboration with Jalandhar-based Bapu Inder Singh Charitable Trust organised a free eye camp at the community centre on Saturday.
His birthday guests were more than 250 patients and 15 volunteers, besides the trust chairman Avtar Singh, president Dalip Singh, secretary Dr Gurpartap Singh and other office-bearers.
All the eye patients were examined and given free medicines. As many as 35 cases were selected for the cataract operations. Laboratory tests were conducted on the camp venue. About 22 patients were transported to Jalandhar where stitchless cataract surgeries were conducted and intra ocular lenses implanted.
All patients were transported back to their villages the same day after the operations. The rest of patients would be operated in the next few days at Jalandhar.
There is an interestingly story behind Avtar Singh’s decision to celebrate his birthday in the novel way.
Avtar Singh has been coming to Delhi for the past three years. This time he met Dr Harinder Singh of Punjab Agricultural University who was currently on an assignment to the USA. Dr Harinder Singh told him about his brother-in-law Dr Tajinder Singh Goindi MD (ophthalmology), former Punjab civil medical services chief medical officer, who was staying in the city.
When Dr Tajinder came to know that Dr Avtar Singh’s birthday fell at the time of his visit to India, he suggested him the novel idea of celebrating his birthday by sponsoring the free eye operation camp in remote rural villages of Punjab. Immediately, he agreed and joined hands with the Bapu Inder Singh Charitable Trust, Mithapur via Garha, Jalandhar.
Avtar Singh was born on 21.2.1929 at village Gharjakh, dist. Gujranwala, now in Pakistan in a sehajdhari family.
Did his matric from Guru Nanak Khalsa School, Patiala in 1945 where his father Kesar Mal worked as Divisional Acountant in Irrigation Department. He did his F.Sc from Khalsa Colllege Gujranwalain 1947 and later did hid BSc from Khalsa College, Ludhiana.
The family shifted to Delhi after partition.
After doing his MSc Entomology in 1954 from Government College, Ajmer he served as Quality Control Manager in Food Corporation of India from1955 to 1974.
Thereafter he migrated to Manhattan ( also known as little apple) in Kansas state of USA. He did his PhD In Entomology from USA and then started his business of pest control by launching a company named American Pest Control Management in 1979. Now his business is looked after by his three sons under the name of Trading Collaboration USA.
He was the only turbaned person in the area and has been often called, the 'Best Dressed Person' in the area.
He has been coming to Delhi since last three years.This time before his visit to India, he met Dr. Harinder Singh of Punjab Agricultural University who is currently on an assignment to USA who told him abouthis brother in law Dr. Tajinder Singh Goindi MD (Ophthalmology) Ex-Punjab Civil Medical Services Chief Medical Officer staying in Jalandhar.
When Dr Tajinder came toi know that Dr. Avtar Singh.s birthday falls in the period his visit to India, he sugggested him a novel idea of celebrating his 80th birthday by sponsoring a free eye operation camp in some remote rural village of Punjab. Immediately the idea clicked.
Bapu Inder Singh Charitable Trust (Regd.),79 Friends Avenue Colony,PO Mithapur via Garha, Jalandhar 144022 is a charity registered with state of Punjab and Commissioner of Income Tax, Jalandhar II.
They joined hands with this charitable trust and a free eye camp was held on 21.2.2009 at Community Centre (maintained by trust) village Raipur Pir Bux Wala, district Kapurthala. More than 250 eye patients were examined and given free medicines. Thirty five cases were selected for cataract operations. Laboratory tests were conducted on the camp venue. Twenty two patients were transported to Jalandhar where stichless cataract surgeries were conducted and Intra Ocular Lenses were implanted. All operations were successsful and patients were transported back to their native villages on the same day. Rest of patients will be operated in next few days at Jalandhar.
At brief and simple inaugration ceremony of the camp,
Sardar Avtar Singh NRI was honoured with a Siropa (robe of honour) by S.Jagjit Singh Dala, member Zila Parishad, Kapurthala representing the area. Poor people of nearby villages benefitted immensly from this camp.
The NRI was immensly pleased to see an 104 yrs old man from village Raipur PirBux coming to the camp for the surgery of his second eye(the first eye was operated last yr in a camp held by the trust) .Similar were other beneficiaries.
The villagers were astonished and stunned by the philanthropic gesture of Avtar Singh NRI who travelled all the way from Delhi to this village 40 kms from Jalandhar and with poor connectivity having very bad appraoch road. He was very happy to see the functioning of camp and had a taste of real rural life.Langar in the form of tea and snacks were arranged by Akal Academy ( an upcoming CBSE pattern English Medium School).
His birthday guests on 21.2.2009 were more than 250 patients and about fifteen volunteers besides S.Avtar Singh Chairman, S. Dalip Singh President, Dr.Gurpartap Singh Secretary and other office bearers of Bapu Inder Singh Charitable Trust (Regd) Jalandhar. All wished him long life and purposeful future.
The NRI birthday "boy" agreed to come again next year with a similar purpose to the same place.
Birthday cake was cut at Lunch on 22.2.2009 at Jalandhar in a very simple manner over lunch in presence of five persons of Dr Tajinder Singh's family.
While the ordinary NRI mortals celebrate such days in palaces over drinks, dances, DJ's and dinners, the blessed ones like Dr. Avtar Singh Sachdeva serve the ailing poor by their extraordinary gestures. May their tribe increase. Avtar Singh NRI is an Amritdhari Gursikh and a source of inspiration for us all.
With regards to all-- Dr. G. P. Singh MBBS,D.Ortho, M.S.Ortho, Ex PCMS, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Lajwanti Hospital, Adj All India Radio, Jalandhar.

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Sikh students labelled terrorists in New Zealand

New Zealand: Some Sikh men studying in Invercargill have been repeatedly labelled terrorists and racially abused to the point where one student went against his religious beliefs to protect his safety.

Five students out of a group of 25 who arrived in Invercargill this month to study at the Southern Institute of Technology said they have experienced 16 incidents of racial abuse in the past 12 days.

The five said they have all been called terrorists and told to “leave our country” by pedestrians and motorists in the city.

Four of those targeted are Sikh and wear turbans, which they said made some “ignorant” people confuse them with Arabs or Muslims and target them for racial abuse.

One victim, Jasdeep Singh, said he was forced to go against his Sikh beliefs and get a haircut to avoid wearing a turban because he feared for his safety. “I haven’t told my parents yet; they will be shocked and quite angry.”

Fellow student Jasmail Singh said he had had bomb references made to him.

Perpetrators were both male and female, generally in their early 20s, he said.

The attacks had occurred mainly on Friday and Saturday nights and had put the students off walking around the city after dark, Mr Singh said.

One of the students not attacked, Suresh Kumar, said the group had been through a lot to get to New Zealand and were not yet ready to throw it all away.

“We came here with so many dreams and we want to realise those dreams here. We just want the people of Invercargill to accept us as normal human beings,” he said. “But if this is going to continue, then who knows?”

The group said they had all encountered a lot of friendly, helpful people in the city as well, especially at SIT.

SIT business manager Bharat Guha said the institute had contacted police and was investigating ways to help its Indian students.

It was also considering getting getting their recruitment agents in India to brief new students about potential racism, he said.

SIT chief executive Penny Simmonds said the issue had been blown out of proportion and Southland was not the only part of the country that experienced racial abuse.

Southland police area commander Barry Taylor said racial abuse did happen in Invercargill from time to time.

However, he had never encountered 16 cases of racial abuse in 12 days before.

“I would be very disappointed if the general community was participating in this sort of thing. I’m confident it’s a small minority,” Mr Taylor said.

With Thanks : Source: MICHAEL FORBES, The Southland Times

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Punjab & Haryana High Court told: Unshorn hair is basic for Sikh

The unshorn hair is not only vital but basic for a Sikh and those who do not adhere to this most important ingredient prescribed by Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Guru of the Sikhs, could not call himself to be a Sikh even if he had adopted four of the total five essential symbols that go with the followers of this religion.
This was submitted by well known senior Supreme Court lawyer K T S Tulsi in the Punjab and Haryana High Court during the resumed hearing on the issue of the definition of a Sikh in the limited context of the importance of hair for a true Sikh.
Appearing for the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) before a full bench, comprising Justices Jagdish Singh Khehar, Jasbir Singh and Ajay Kumar Mittal, now going into the constitutional validity of the definition of the Sikh as contained in the Sikh Gurdwara Act, 1925, Mr Tulsi submitted that the Guru was specific on providing a distinctly different identity to the Sikh so that he was recognisable even in thousands of people, hence the stress on keeping unshorn hair. If this one principle of Kesha (hair) was not adhered to the other four principles were irrelevant, Tulsi argued while arguing that a person not keeping unshorn hair was a Patit (depraved) and hence not a Sikh.
The constitutional validity of the definition of the Sikh has been challenged by Ms Gurleen Kaur who was denied admission under the quota reserved for the Sikhs by the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee(SGPC)-controlled Sri Guru Ram Dass Institute of Medical Education and Research, Amritsar on the ground that she plucked her eyebrows.
Anyone who trims beard or cuts hair or plucked eyebrows thereby violates the provision and importance of unshorn hair, was a Patit and not a Sikh, Mr Tulsi reiterated in response to the queries from the Bench.
DSGMC president Paramjit Singh Sarna was present in the court room during the hearing besides some other Sikh scholars including Gurtej Singh, an ex-IAS officer and former professor of Sikhism in SGPC, Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon, Atinder Pal Singh former MP.
The case would now come up for further hearing now on February 27 when Mr Tulsi would conclude his arguments and others too would make their permission.
The Bench also indicated that it is keen to conclude the hearing in the first week of March and to set the controversy at rest so far the crucial role of the unshorn hair is concerned.
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Sikhs in America - Mistaken identity

"MISTAKEN IDENTITY: Sikhs in America" - winner of 3 first prize awards at American Film Festivals six months after its release in the USA. Production started six days after 9/11, when the producers learned that Sikhs were being racially profiled, physically attacked and shot and killed simply because they wore turbans and beards for religious reasons and mistaken for Bin La Din and terrorists.

The film was produced to inform and educate Americans on Who are Sikhs, What is Sikhism and the contribution of Sikhs overseas. Unfortunately, due to the lack of distribution funds, the film has not been able to have theatre releases in USA, Canada, UK and India, nor worldwide TV and DVD distribution. Producers have screened the one hour TV program (mostly free) via DVD across Sikh gurdwaras (for the younger generation), in schools and universities in 33 U.S. States, Canada (House of Commons, Ottawa), and across the UK gurdwaras and British universities in Coventry, Birmingham, Leeds, London, etc. and in Belgium, France, Spain, etc., where there are large populations of Sikhs settled.

The producers are now appealing to the Sikhs in India to assist in sponsoring the premiere screening of MISTAKEN IDENTITY on Doordarshan TV in India, so that people understand the importance of informing and educating the world about Sikhs and Sikhism, especially the younger generation. It is very important not to forget Who are Sikhs, What is Sikhism and What the Sikh work ethics taught by Guru Nanak makes all Sikhs hardworking contributors living in the global village society. Young Sikhs need to be proud of their social, religious and cultural heritage.

Producers of "MISTAKEN IDENTITY" are also seeking funds to complete the triology: "SIKH WOMEN & FAMILY VALUES" & "SIKH ENTREPRENEURS," as 3-part TV series to be distributed around the world.

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World's Largest Blood Donation Camp - 10th March - Sri Anandpur Sahib

World's Largest Blood Donation Camp will be held on 10th March, 2009 at Sri Anandpur Sahib. This is being organised by SGPC Amritsar.

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Ludhiana hosts Sikh couple contest

For the first time ever in India, Sikh couples walked down a ramp in a couple contest in Ludhiana. Donning both exquisite traditional and western outfits, around 170 couples participated in the contest titled Guru Sikh Couple Contest out whom ten contestants were chosen as the best.
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GTCC, Inc. is a privately held investment services company headquartered in Houston, Texas. Founded in 2002, Golden Temple Credit Corporation is the brainchild of five mature, experienced, community minded businessmen with proven credentials.

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Anti-Sikh riot case: HC sets free 5 implicated by police

NEW DELHI: Terming the police investigation as "inefficient" and "inadequate" in a case pertaining to 1984 anti-Sikh riots, the Delhi High Court today slammed the city police for implicating five "innocent" men and allowing the real culprits to flee.

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A Sikh web portal

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