Friday, August 8, 2008

Singh is King ?

Thanks to Singh is king, the sikh trimmers have got a new fashion of french cut beard. Those responsible to promote sikhi, are approving such films and indirectly promoting the culture of trimmers and cutsirds in the community. Dont you think that there must be a code of conduct for projecting sikhs in films ? But when our sikh leaders are not following any code of conduct, what we can expect from others. When our own kids are converting into trimmers and cutsirds,
how can we blame Akshay or Daler or Bhajji and many others.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A forced turban ?

While the Sikhs are facing racial discrimination all over the world, on account of the Kada, the beard, the turban and so on, it is quite surprising that in the heart of Punjab, an Akal academy, in Sangrur is forcing non sikhs to wear a turban in its schools. The SGPC must take a strong action so that its no more repeated. No forced turban please.