Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sohnijodi - a sikh web portal

A Sikh web portal covers the Sikhism very widely. Videos, pics or details about Sikhism, Sikh gurus, Sikh code of conduct, Hukamnama, Sikh kakkars, Panj piaras, Nishan sahib, Sikh granths, Ardas, Amrit sanchar, Guru ka langer, Nihang singhs, Ragee jathas, Sikh history, Sikh virasat, Sikh siyasat, Punjabi magazines, Sikh societies, Sikh personalities, Sikh politicians, Sikh glossary etc. have been included. In addition The Sikh news and discussions and Sikh views on the topics concerning Sikhs are also there. It also has a Gurdwara directory, a sikh business directory a wedding guide as well the sohnijodi matrimonial section which allows absolutely free inclusion of matrimonial profiles with pics. The sikh religious travelers can view sarai booking. The details of Khalsa schools, colleges, institutions, hospitals, library, museums as well members of DSGMC alongwith details of Historical gurdwaras of Delhi can be viewed on the portal. The pics of various Gurdwaras, Sant Sahibans such as Rade wale, Chandigarh wale can be viewed. A section on Public services covering the Pregnancy & torch problems such as rubella etc , treatment of cancer and many social issues such as save the girl child, even the holy city Amritsar has 818 girls for 1000 boys are being raised in the portal.A sikh news letter covering the latest issues is being mailed to the Sikh subscribers. Please log on to the sikh web portal and see the difference. Sohnijodi a Sikh web portal was launched by SikhsIndia – working for the Sikh welfare.

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