Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lutyen's Delhi !

Lutyen’s Delhi is very beautiful, with very wide roads, no traffic jams, no power or water shortages, Green, peaceful, calm & cool. You can feel proud by driving around India Gate, President’s house, Parliament, as they look very beautiful.

But with the influx of population, Delhi has developed beyond the boundaries of Leutyen’s Delhi. It is now much bigger and much wider than that. But this part of Delhi, which is out of the Leutyen’s Delhi has no wider roads, full of traffic jams, no parking space, lots of power outages, shortage of drinking water, not much green cover, no more calm and cool.

It is now the most populated city of India and the most polluted city of the world. The only lifeline i.e. Yamuna river has been converted into a big drain of dirty water with no more life in it. You can always face the respiratory problems due to very high levels of PM 2.5 as well PM 10.

The number of vehicles had risen from 41 lakh, just 10 years ago, to a massive strength of 90 lakh with no change in the road network. It has resulted in massive traffic jams all over and the worst outcome is the cancerous gases from the exhaust of motor vehicles. Benzene levels that are purely carcinogen, is much above the prescribed norms.

Though authorities have come out of the deep sleep and want to take certain emergency measures in haste, there seems no end to the problems now, which have already reached a very horrible stage.

Public transport is not that much more powerful that could cater to the massive transit of persons for day to day life. Metro that had once become the lifeline of Delhi, is unable to take the entire load. Though the City Government has announced the new scheme of ODD & EVEN for the city, to come out of the shackles of pollution, but its success is very doubtful.

They want the Private cars to come out on the road for 15 days in a month, i.e. odd number for one day & the even number for the other day. But it will make a large moving population, in the city, without a car, for 15 days in a month. How they will reach to the offices or business places is still under consideration.

The Government says they will add 6000 more buses as well 10,000 more three wheelers in the city for this trial period of 15 days. But will they be able to cater to the requirement of the city is beyond imagination.

The only possibility to connect with each other remains through mobiles that face severe call drop problems or the Internet. We can just hope that things will become better for the Mega City that is the national capital of the biggest democracy of the world. Please log on to :

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Broncos fan says he and friends were told no turbans allowed in Qualcomm Stadium

turbans at san diego game.jpg
A Denver Broncos fan says he and his friends were told they could not wear turbans at Sunday's game against the San Diego Chargers. 
Verinder Mahli and his friends drove 7 hours to watch their team take on the Charges.
When they arrived at Qualcomm Stadium, Mahli says he and his friends were not allowed in.
Malhi said, "Three of my buddies they had turbans on and it was like you guys got to take the turbans off, the security guard goes, and my religion, we are not supposed to take them off."
Verinder and his friends are members of the Sikh faith.
They continued to press the issue and the security guard reluctantly allowed them in the stadium, but he said next time turbans would not be tolerated in the stands.
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Inauguration of Moving Model of International Centre of Sikh Studies : DSGMC

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Friday, December 11, 2015

PM Modi praises Sikhs for their valour and hard work in UK

London, Dec 11: A gathering of over 60,000 people in London's Wembley Stadium gave a warm reception to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was the largest welcome any foreign head of government has ever received in the United Kingdom. Indian diaspora comprising different communities – be it Gujarati, Marathi or Punjabi, was present to listen to the Prime Minister. 

Besides praising the Indian diaspora in general, the Prime Minister, in particular, spoke about the contribution of Sikh community in bringing laurels to India. During his visit to UK, Modi also met with a 30-member Sikh delegation and discussed their concerns. The Sikh diaspora expressed happiness that Prime Minister Modi had listened to their concerns and assured action. 

Hindus living in the United Kingdom also welcomed PM Modi's intervention to resolve issues with the Sikh community living abroad. A large number of Sikhs were forced to migrate to the U.S. and European countries when Punjab was hit by militancy in early 1980s. Some of them were blacklisted and many were arrested in India for their alleged links with Sikh terrorist organizations. Sikhs want the release of political prisoners who have completed their jail terms in India.

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Sikh pilgrims recount attack in Bangladesh


The Sikh devotees who were attacked in Bangladesh three days back, returned to the city today and narrated the tale of horror that they had faced in the neighbouring country.

Two Sikh devotees had sustained severe injuries after being assaulted by armed goons in Chittagong of Bangladesh last Monday.

The incident took place around 10.30 p.m. when a micro van carrying the nine pilgrims was targeted by the armed goons near Sitakunda Terihat on the Chittagong-Dhaka highway.

The micro van was part of the four vehicles convoy in which 36 pilgrims were returning after visiting the holy places in Chittagong. The goons also took away cash and cell phones worth around a lakh.

“We had just begun our journey for Dhaka when our vehicle came to an abrupt halt. We found ourselves surrounded by the sword wielding goons knocking hard on the car window and demanding money. Our driver downed the window glasses and the goons attacked us and forced us to take with our belongings. Everything happened in a fraction of seconds, before we could understand anything,” recalled Joginder Singh, who was attacked on his knee.

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Inauguration Of New ITI At Badarpur ( Faridabad ) Haryana : DSGMC

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DSGMC Raise Question Mark on Phoolka’s Efforts for Justice to Victims of 1984 Sikh Genocide

New Delhi / 7 Dec 2015 – The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) today questioning the working style of Senior Advocate Harvinder Singh Phoolka made startling revelations about the accused in important cases getting reliefs. DSGMC President Manjit Singh GK and General Secretary Manjinder Singh Sirsa addressing a press conference today said that the role played by Phoolka has been misleading and doubtful.
 Speaking on the occasion GK made public the failures of court cases related to 1984 Sikh genocide since 2007. “When I asked retired Judge of Delhi High Court Justice RS Sodhi about the reasons for failure of case he suggested DSGMC to become petitioner in all the cases, after which DSGMC without informing Phoolka when petitioned in the CBI on 10th November, about shortcomings in a genocide case against Congress party leader Jagdish Tytler, CBI on 17th November accepting shortcomings agreed to reinvestigate the said case”, informed GK raising contradiction in Phoolka’s claim who on 16th November through a press release accepted clean chit to Tytler in upcoming case on 17th November.
“But change in strategy helped us raise morale of Sikh panth when on 17th November CBI accepted to re investigate the case”, informed G.K. Referring to a question raised by Phoolka in a press conference addressed by him in Punjab two days ago, G.K. replied that it seems Phoolka has not seen the list of witnesses of CBI written in 2007 in which names of both the witnesses was present. “It seems Phoolka has lost interest in these cases and is dreaming to become Chief Minister of Punjab”, G.K. ridiculed Phoolka.
 Speaking on the occasion Sirsa said that after Phoolka’s appearance in Delhi High Court in important cases of genocide seven accused got big relief when they were acquitted instead of getting life sentence. “In one case related to Jagmohan Singh in Tishazari Court three accused including former Municipal Corporator Mangal Sain and in other case of Harminder Kaur in Karkardooma Court in which four accused were sentenced life sentence by the trial court and when appeal was filed in higher court by Phoolka all these seven were acquitted. “To the shock of everyone Phoolka has not even moved Supreme Court challenging their acquittal”, added SIrsa.
Sirsa also said that Phoolka contested parliament elections of 2014 from Ludhiana on Aam Admi Party (AAP) ticket without taking these cases to logical end and now he is preparing to contest assembly polls in Punjab in 2017 on AAP ticket despite having declared that he had given up all post in the party.On the occasion DSGMC Senior Vice President Mahinder Pal Singh Chadha, Vice President Satpal Singh, Joint Secretary Amarjeet Singh Pappu, DSGMC members Tanwant Singh, Samardeep Singh, Hardev Singh Dhanoa, Bibi Dheeraj Kaur, Gurbaksh Singh Montushah, Paramjeet SInhgh Chandok, Legal Advisor Jaswinder Singh Jolly, and Youth Akali leader Jaspreet Singh Vicky Manan were also present. 
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Thursday, December 10, 2015


The workshop was organized on the thought of S. Harmit Singh Kalka, Chairman School Education to navigate the blazing fast pace of growth and changes occurring in CBSE syllabus and pattern of examination.
Education cell under the chairmanship of S. Harmit Singh  Kalka took another step forward by organizing Economics Workshop for GHPS XI and XII std teachers at GHPS Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi. Ms. Rekha Sharma, associated with various educational bodies like CBSE, NCERT, SCERT, NIOS etc. was the eminent subject expert resource person. The highlights of the workshop were:
·        Discussion of the Economics Syllabus
·        Use of Supplementary reading material of Economics (issued by CBSE)
·        Question Paper Design
·        Marking Scheme of Examination
·        Use of newspapers related to topics of syllabus

The vision of S. Manjit Singh GK, Chairman GHPS (New Delhi) Society & President, DSGMC, S. Manjinder Singh Sirsa, Vice Chairman GHPS (New Delhi) Society and General Secretary, DSGMC to uplift the status of GHPS schools was highly appreciated and looked forward for further such initiatives that can help beacons of knowledge and empowerment for our academicians. The workshop concluded with the thanking note delivered by the organizer Ms. Maninder Kaur,Dean, attached to Education Cell.

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Manjit Singh G.K.: DSGMC to build international centre for Sikh studies in Gurdwara Sri Rakab Ganj Sahib

Moving model installation on December 12, at Gurdwara Sri Bangla Sahib

Hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal to head finance committee making expenditure on centre, DSGMC to oversee entire project

New Delhi / 10-12-2015 - The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) has decided to set up ‘The international Centre for Sikh Studies’ located in Gurdwara Sri Rakab Ganj Sahib Complex adjacent to Parliament House in New Delhi.The announcement was jointly made in a press conference addressed by President DSGMC Manjit Singh G.K., USA based hotelier Sant Singh Chatwal and General Secretary DSGMC Manjinder Singh Sirsa today.
                The Centre is designed as a state of the art facility for Sikh religious and studies related to Gurbani and will also have state of the art facilities of international standards of digital library, conference facility and a museum space for permanent exhibitions and visiting exhibitors.

 G.K. informed that Sant Singh Chatwal has announced to contribute Rs. 6.5 crore for the centre which would come up in 15 months at total cost of Rs. 15 crore. DSGMC President also announced for making Chatwal as head of Finance Committee to oversee all expenses going into the project and the bank account would be audited by a renowned company. “Recognizing the need to communicate with global population particularly new generations of all religions living worldwide, to convey them the Sikh ethos, traditions and Sikh tenants the centre would adopt modern communication methods”, said G.K.A working model of the auditorium is being installed at Gurudwara Sri Bangla Sahib on 12 December, 2015 so as to share the project with the visiting sangat. Chatwal would unveil the model G.K. added.
Speaking on the occasion Chatwal said that the details of expenditure would be displayed online and also said that he would also motivate his non Sikh friends to contribute for the project. He added that the foreign tourists would gain maximum from the project.
General Secretary Sirsa said, The centre will highlight universality of the Sikh faith with special focus on respect for women, non acceptance of the caste system, importance of nature and environment and the practice of caring and sharing, values enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and handwritten sarups of Sri Guru Granth Sahib would also installed in the centre.
Former Rajya Sabha member and Convener of the Sikh Centre Tarlochan Singh informed that the centre would provide all important information about Sikh religion in 30 minutes and informed that such centre would come up in UK and USA. He also informed Bobby Bedi would design the centre and that the script of information though multimedia would be written by former spokesman of ministry of external affairs Navtej Singh Sarna.

 On the occasion DSGMC legal advisor Jaswinder Singh Jolly handed over Rs. 51,000 for the project as initial contribution. DSGMC senior vice president Mahinder Pal Singh Chadha, vice president Satpal Singh, senior leader Avtar Singh Hit, Chairman Dharam Parchar committee DSGMC Paramjeet Singh Rana, DSGMC members Kulmohan Singh, Ravinder Singh Khurana, Tanwant Singh, Gurbachan Singh Cheema, Hardev Singh Dhanoa, Capt. Inderpreet Singh, Gurmeet Singh Meeta, Paramjeet Singh Chandok, Gurmeet Singh Lubana and Akali leader Jaswant Singh Bittu were also present. 

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US Senator asks Carter to end dress policy for Sikhs in army

A top US Senator today asked Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to repeal a dress policy in its army which prevents Sikhs from serving in the military with their religious articles intact.

WASHINGTON: A top US Senator today asked Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to repeal a dress policy in its army which prevents Sikhs from serving in the military with their religious articles intact. 

"Under current Department of Defense (DoD) policy, implemented in 1988, members of the Sikh faith are unable to serve in the military unless they abandon their articles of faith--namely maintaining unshorn hair, beards, and wearing a turban," Senator Tim Kaine wrote in a letter to Carter. 

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Rival groups in Crawley's Sikh community in bitter dispute over temple and holy books

WORSHIPPERS at a Crawley temple were left in tears after a bitter row between members of the town's Sikh community led to one group arriving unannounced to remove holy books to take them to a new temple.
The community has been divided over plans to relocate from the temple in Spencers Road, West Green to a newly renovated building in Ifield Green, Ifield.
Last Wednesday that dispute came to a head when one group arrived at the Siri Guru Singh Sabha in West Green to remove cooking utensils, electrical equipment and the temple's six copies of the Sikh holy text – the Guru Granth Sahib.
They planned to take everything over to the new temple – the newly converted Edwards Sports and Social Club.

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Buena Park Sikh leaders call for investigation after temple vandalized

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Sikh community leaders in Orange County are urging authorities to investigate a weekend episode of temple vandalism as a possible hate crime, while police have increased patrols near the religious center.
Gang graffiti was found scribbled on the exterior of the Sikh Center in Buena Park on Sunday, while an expletive and the word "ISIS" was scrawled on a community member’s truck, according to the Sikh Coalition.
"We believe that the Gurdwara Singh Sabha was vandalized because it is a Sikh house of worship," the coalition's attorney Gurjot Kaur said in a statement. "We call on local and federal agencies to investigate this vandalism as a hate crime and request increased law enforcement security at the gurdwara immediately.”
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DSGMC has misused gurdwara funds: Sarna

Tribune News Service
New Delhi, December 9
The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee led by the Shiromani Akali Dal (Badal) has mismanaged the committee finance, failed to make a road map for the controversial 400-bedded Guru Harikrishan Hospital (GHH) adjacent to Bala Sahib Gurdwara and increased the committee expenditure, said general secretary of the Shiromani Akali Dal (Delhi), Harvinder Singh Sarna.
Running the GHH was the main election issue of SAD Badal during 2013 DSGMC elections. The SAD has been in the committee for about three years, but so far no road map has been prepared for the hospital, said Sarna while addressing a conference. 
The SAD Badal had also said that former DSGMC president Paramjit Singh disposed of the proposed Guru Harikrishan Hospital to a private company for Rs 300 crore. Why don't they make public the document of the sale of hospital, he questioned.  

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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib ji : SikhsIndia

'His Name Is Darsh Singh': Pushback Against 'Joke' Goes Viral

Greg Worthington
Let me tell you why this shit isn't funny. I know this guy and his name's not 'Muhammad.' He's not Arab, he's Punjabi. He's not even Muslim, he's a Sikh. His name is Darsh Singh and he's a US citizen, born and bred. That jersey he's wearing in this pic, it currently sits in a Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC because he made US history as the NCAA's first turbaned Sikh American basketball player for Trinity University in my hometown of San Antonio. He was co-captain .........

On Sunday, Worthington took to Facebook to introduce Singh and explain why the "joke" in the photo was not funny. As of Tuesday morning, Worthington's post has received more than 23,000 likes and more than 10,000 shares.

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Sikh gurdwara vandalised with racist graffiti

A Sikh gurdwara in Wednesfield was vandalised with graffiti at the weekend.
The Wednesfield gurdwara that was vandalised with graffiti.
The Wednesfield gurdwara that was vandalised with graffiti. Credit: Councillor Bhupinder Gakhal
Councillor Bhupinder Gakhal, Wednesfield South has condemned the incident and said:
We the Sikh community are a peaceful community as are the Muslim community across the UK. We are the same Sikh community who contributed towards the Christmas tree near Wednesfield library as well as the St Thomas Church clock.
We're the same Sikh community who answered the call from England to fight in both World Wars.
Whoever did this needs a serious history lesson.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

How an outnumbered 6th Sikh Battalion saved Poonch

The 6th Sikh Battalion heroically defended the strategically important town against a numerically superior Pakistani force 44 years ago. One of the bravest battles of the 1971 war was actually fought hundreds of kilometres away from Bangladesh, to protect the town of Poonch in Jammu and Kashmir. The 6th Sikh Battalion heroically defended the strategically important town against a numerically superior Pakistani force 44 years ago.

Officials said that during the 1971 conflict, the heroic stand of the battalion against a numerically superior enemy saved the politically important town of Poonch. The battle was fought from December 3-6.
As India joined the war on behalf of then East Pakistan on December 3, 1971, Pakistan attacked on the Western front. Pakistani brigades in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (PoK) comprising 5 Frontier Force Rifles, 7 POK Battalion and 51 Punjab Regiment were given the task of capturing two piquets as also the helipad in Poonch which were held by the 6 Sikh.
0 The assault began on the evening of December 3 but 6 Sikh, with artillery support, held them off for three days after which there was no major attack. The battalion suffered eight casualties and 33 were wounded. For their action, the battalion won one Maha Vir Chakra (MVC) and five Vir Chakras and the battle honour ‘Defence of Poonch 1971.’
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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Young Sikh Man Attacks Congress Leader Jagdish Tytler To Avenge His Alleged Role In 1984 Riots

Congress Leader Jagdish Tytler, who is one of the main accused in the 1984 Delhi riots case, was attacked by a 23-year-old Sikh man in the capital today during a wedding function.
Young Sikh Man Attacks Congress Leader Jagdish Tytler One Of The Accused In 1984 Riots Case

Reports said the incident took place at 11 pm at a farm house in the Mehrauli area, where Tytler had gone to attend the wedding.
“The Congress leader was leaving the wedding ceremony when the incident happened. A youth named Sehaj Umang Singh started abusing Tytler and then tried to throw a glass at him. However, the leader escaped unhurt,” a police official revealed.
Young Sikh Man Attacks Congress Leader Jagdish Tytler One Of The Accused In 1984 Riots Case
Indian Express

Following the attack, the man was caught and handed him over to the police. He was detained, and later let off after a brief interrogation.
"It's ridiculous that in a country like ours somebody who has killed 3000 ppl can roam around free having fun. And if I speak my heart out in public I have to be reprimanded and taken to the police," said the attacker - Sehaj Umang Singh Bhatia.
Tytler is accused of being one of the stalwarts of the 1984 riots which brutally massacred thousands of Sikhs in the aftermath of PM Indira Gandhi's assasination on October 31,1984.
Last week, CBI’s closure report on Tytler in the case was rejected by court which asked the agency for further investigation.
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Surat Singh Khalsa gives up water after his ‘feasting’ video goes viral !

Fumed over the video that has gone viral on social networking sites fasting sikh activist Surat Singh Khalsa has given up water too on Saturday. In the video fasting sikh has been shown taking soup and other eatables. Khalsa said it is forged video that has been posted on social networking sites with intension to thwart his agitation. The video was gone viral on Friday.
He added that he has never taken anything except water since January 16.
In a video message shared on social networking site Surat Singh Khalsa through his supporter said the SAD-BJP government has been trying end his protest and hatching conspiracies to damage his image. In the protest he will not drink water until the release of Sikh prisoners lodged in jails even after completing their sentences.
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Tasty, Sugar Free - Natura - Firni !

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