Friday, February 22, 2019

Fake promises in the Election Manifesto - Girl students with 90% marks dont get any concession at GHPS


Highlights: Published on Jan 19, 2013

• Promises Clean and transparent management, Judicial Commission for Sikh shrines, Guru Tegh Bahadur University for higher professional Education, Free education for girls & books to boys securing more than 75% marks and Shagun Scheme for the girl child of DSGPC employees

• Sarna with Congress support has damaged the reputation of Sikh institutions in Delhi-Badal

• Delhi all set to teach Sarnas a historic lesson.

Highlights of Election Manifesto - Religion- 
• Judicial Commission for Sikh shrines to be set up
• Setting up Legal Council to help victims of 1984 holocaust, Sikhs uprooted from Afghanistan or Pakistan and other such cases
• Religious parchar and Amrit Sanchar Lehar to be started. 
• To establish the 'Sikh Heritage Centre' and multimedia museum in Delhi
• Free bus service to visit all the historic Gurdwaras in Delhi 
• Scholarship program for Amritdhari students
• Celebrations of Gurpurbs and other historic days as per Nanakshahi calendar.
• Better service conditions for DSGMC employees 
• Shagun Scheme for the girl child of DSGPC employees
Clean and transparent management 
• Online audit of all Gurdwara receipts and expenditure. 
• Transparency in all recruitments
• Dubious contracts to be reviewed 
• E-tendering to bring transparency 

• Transparent merit-based admissions through computerized rankings in schools and other institutions. 
• NCERT books to replace books by private publishers. 
• Guru Tegh Bahadur University for higher professional Education 
• Setting up the Educational Council to raise the level of education 
• 5 free academies for Sikh students to make them competitive for higher medical and engineering courses, competitive exams like IAS, IPS, IRS etc 
Free education for girls securing more than 75% marks
Free books to boys securing more than 75% marks
50% concession on the fee for one member where two or more members from the same family are studying. ( brothers /sisters/ or brother and sister)
• Placement cell for smooth employment for Sikh youth.
• Cycles for underprivileged students after class 8
• To establish 5 new Aided schools
• To establish new ITI institutes

• Setting up Medical Council for health sector & Financial Council for the finance sector 

• To reinstate the grants from Singh Sabhas and other Sikh organizations to various dispensaries and libraries in the different parts of Delhi which were banned by the present committee 

• Senior Sikh Citizen Card to all the Sikhs above the age of 60 years 

• Establishing Senior Citizen Homes equipped with latest facilities

Monday, February 11, 2019

Sant Samagam 2019 - Anhad bani - Baba Iqbal Singh ji, Baru Sahib.

Sant Samagam 2019 - Anhad bani - Badu Sahib

Sant Samagam 2019 - Anhad bani - Badu Sahib

Anhad bani - Badu Sahib program at Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib.

Saturday Kirtan at Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Krishna nagar, Delhi 51

Sikhs doing Safai Sewa at the #KumbhMela2019 . Waheguru.

Sehaj Path naal judo ji at Gurudwara Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Krishna Nagar

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