Sunday, November 6, 2011

Europe's Biggest Gurdwara in Cremona ,Italy !

"Gurdwara Shri Guru Kalgidhar Sahib"

Gurduwara Sri Guru Kalgidhar Sahib is a largest Sikh temple in Continental Europe.It was inaugurated on Aug. 2111.It has been built in an industrial area that includes a factory of vacuum pump compressors and a cold-cut production plant.Its designer;Giorgio Mantovani said that the temple was inspired by Sikh models in India & it is both a monument and a center for the community.

It took years to construct this Gurdwra.Municipal permits were given and withdrawn in a nearby town when the temple became a politically thorny issue, so another site was found. A decade’s worth of bureaucratic hurdles also had to be overcome, money had to be raised by the Sikh community,and loans found to make up the rest of the price tag of €2 million, or nearly $3 million.

Dr.Gurdeep Kaur
University of Milan

Associate Professor
SGND Khalsa College
University of Delhi


Del Sagoo said...

Congratulations to the Italian Sikh comminity for their new Gurdwara. We are very happy and proud to be associated with our brothers and sisters in Italy. It would have been nice to see an external shot of the Gurdwara - may be an aerial shot.Interested in seeing the Italian Sikh design.


Dr.Gurdeep Kaur said...
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palwinder singh said...

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh Gurudwara sahab de darshan karke bhut khushi hoyee Man khush ho gaya ke videsh de wich rehande hoye v sikh community apne Guru de naal judi hoyee hai