Thursday, July 23, 2020

Sunnie Delilah : Designer Woman Who Creates COVID-19 Face Masks for Sikh people Who Have Long Beards And Wear A Turban

         Designed to accommodate turbans, long beards as well as Hijabs.

 Sunnie Delilah,UK Designer

Sunnie Delilah is a designer from Birmingham and owner of Delilah’s Dressing Doom. She has come up with a special COVID-19  mask that makes it easier to wear for those who wear turbans on their head and have long beards,for whom other mask designs are insufficient

Sunnie Delilah had Sikh men in mind when she designed the masks, which are long enough to cover beards (with a pouch of sorts for the beard) and have elastic straps that can stretch across the back of a turban.
      She been working on the problem after seeing her Sikh father-in-law struggle

She tells ‘This mask was created initially to help my father-in-law, a Sikh man with a turban and long beard which standards masks do not cater for. ‘He was unable to use it properly and didn’t feel comfortable wearing them. ‘So I created a mask that protects long beards and goes over the turban. The beard, if long, can catch all the droplets you are supposedly trying to protect yourself from.
 ‘If your mask only covers a small proportion of your beard and face then you are defeating the purpose of it as the beard can catch everything and then you touch it and spread and so on.’

She adds: ‘The mask is also made to make the wearer feel comfortable and confident with its design. ‘So far I have orders from all around the world and it’s rapidly becoming more and more in demand, within the Sikh communities especially.

“For men that are generally wear turbans, you can’t really put elastics over the ears because your ears are covered,” said Delilah, “and if you’ve got a long beard, your mask only covers a proportion of your face.” 
Sunnie’s business has taken off during the pandemic as many rush to purchase her custom-made masks that sell for £10-£20.After posting her creation on social media, she has been receiving international orders.

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