Monday, October 19, 2015

Stay with StayZilla !

Had to visit Mumbai and thought of booking a hotel via internet. While on google, there were so many options but most of them looked far from reality. Most of them were offering very high prices, though I knew that a quality stay is available in every city at very reasonable prices.

Luckily I got to know about StayZilla App. Had heard about FileZilla for regularly uploading various updates, but the term Stayzilla was a new for me. Anyhow, I downloaded it on my smart phone and started using it.

Once operational, I started working over it and it looked great. I could view three options at the very first window that offered me, being a Guest, being a Host and being both.

I started searching with the first option of being a guest in Mumbai, Andheri area, as our conference was to be held at a hotel in that area and I was very much willing to stay in the nearby hotel. In a minute i found over 195 stays in that area via the StayZilla App.

There were many hotels and lodges that were offering a comfortable stay with various price tags. I could locate a hotel for as low as Rs 1,100 and as high as 7,000 plus. Moreover, it looked reliable as it was through a brand name, i.e. FileZilla and I was sure that FileZilla won’t offer anything bad to its customers who are looking for just a comfortable stay.

It was surprising to note via their website that as a guest, we can explore over 4,000 PLUS locations and over 30,000 PLUS properties, via the StayZilla App on our smart phone.

Now I checked for the second option, i.e. As a Host, and it showed that we can register our property details and start making money from the day next as a vast number of users of this STAYZILLA APP are regularly on their smart phones to look after the best possible rates and locations to enjoy life. And we can be both a Guest and a Host at different times.

It was amazing and magical. A single click on my smart phone had offered 195 options in a minute and that too, ranging from Rs. 1,100 to Rs 7,000 plus. It clearly meant that visitors of any class, status, standard and quality may get the pre booking done via StayZilla, while sitting at their homes.

Stay Zilla offers a comfortable stay, Anywhere, Any Price, with just 30% of the payment as booking charges and rest on easy installments with the option of Full refund in Metros i.e. 146 cities & 2,600 PLUS properties. It also has the option of StayZilla Concierge i.e. a  special end to end travel assistance for our comfortable stay in any part of the country.

At last, I would like to say that we must try it at least once as after that you will do all your bookings only through Stay Zilla. Pics have been taken as a Snap shot with thanks to StayZilla App. Pics clicked with thanks to StayZilla App : @stayzilla   #FindYourStaybuddy

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