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Friday, December 19, 2014

$7K of items stolen from Sikh temple in Jacksonville

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Vishavjit Singh

Facebook has regularly been releasing advertisements called “Facebook Tips.” They are generally around 27 seconds long, and explain to you how to have a better Facebook experience. Vishavjit Singh, the star of a recent ad, just happens to be a Sikh American. In the video, he discusses how your likes affect your timeline. However, Facebook users rarely miss a moment to bash on something, releasing their steady stream of hateful references.

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Sikhs have a separate identity, says Badal

Sikhs have a separate identity, says Badal

Ruchika M Khanna
Tribune News Service
Chandigarh, December 17
Indicating that the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) is going back to its Panthic agenda, Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal today said that the Sikhs had a separate identity that must be preserved.
He said the SAD would ask the Manohar Lal Khattar-led BJP government in Haryana to repeal the Haryana Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee Act enacted by the earlier Hooda government.
Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, SAD Member of Parliament, has moved a private member’s Bill in the Rajya Sabha, seeking an amendment to Article 25 (b) of the Constitution which clubs the Sikhs with Hindus.
This is the third such attempt, but the timing is significant. With the RSS reportedly making inroads in Punjab villages, amid speculation that the BJP may go it alone in the next Assembly elections, the SAD is looking at consolidating the Sikh vote bank.

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American Idol's First Sikh Contestant is Back in the Spotlight

Gurpreet Singh Sarin made history as American Idol's first Sikh contestant.

Like most performers, Gurpreet Singh Sarin will never forget the first time he performed live on stage. But unlike most, this singer's first public performance had an audience of millions, as he took the American Idol stage to sing Ray Charles' "Georgia on My Mind" for the show's judges and everyone watching at home.
"It was the first time I ever performed with a band," said Sarin, the first-ever Sikh contestant, in what was then 12 seasons of the singing competition.
The University of Maryland grad says that prior to auditioning for the show, his musical background was rooted in Indian classical and devotional music. "I saw a lot of connections between Indian ragas and the blues and jazz music," Sarin said. That connection led him to start posting his own covers of popular R&B songs to YouTube.

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Countdown to new memorial for WW1 Indian heroes

A closer look at the memorial statue

Pictures of how the memorial in Staffordshire will look

Pictures have been unveiled of a new permanent memorial in honour of the Indian soldiers who fought during World War One.
The "WW1 Sikh Memorial" will take the form of a statue at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire, and it will commemorate around 130,000 Sikh soldiers who fought in the Great War.

A national campaign for the permanent memorial began back in August. Work is now well underway for the statue, and it is due to be unveiled in a special ceremony at the Arboretum in March next year.
Despite only making up 1% of the Indian population at the time, the Sikh contribution to the war efforts is recognised as remarkable. They constituted 20% of the British and Indian Army and were represented in more than a third of regiments at the time.

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Shilanayaas of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University !

Shilanayaas of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha Vishva Vidyalay in East Delhi by HRD Minister Smriti Jubin Israni. Pic with thanks from : Jivan Rastogi

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sikhs advocacy group ask US lawmakers to ensure religious liberty in military

WASHINGTON: Sikhs enjoy greater religious liberty in the militaries of countries like India, Canada and Britain than the US, a Sikh advocacy group has said, presenting a case for removal of barriers for the members of the community to join armed forces in America.
"Sikh service members in the militaries of Canada, India, and the United Kingdom can expect to enjoy a greater measure of religious liberty than their peers in the United States," the Sikh Coalition said in a written submission to the House Armed Services Committee's subcommittee on military personal.
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U.S. Based Eco-Sikh Backs Water Conservation Efforts In India

WASHINGTON – Eco-Sikh, a Washington based organization, has launched a water conservation programme in India’s Punjab state amid reports of severe groundwater depletion there and other parts of Northern India.
Eco-Sikh’s Punjab team is actively working to teach locals about how and why they should conserve water and live in harmony with the Earth, it said.
The group has also asked the Punjabi diaspora to relay environmentally-friendly practices to their counterparts in India by teaching them how to farm plants that use less groundwater.
CBS News’ 60 Minutes programme last week highlighted with satellite images how Punjab and rest of India are losing groundwater at an alarming rate posing an impending disaster.
“The evidence is credible that the food basket of India is in serious danger and this issue should be treated with urgency and with immediate action by the state and central governments,” Eco-Sikh President Rajwant Singh said.
“When people in Punjab do not have access to water because it is being overused, the results will be disastrous,” said India Project Manager, Ravneet Singh.
In the U.S. too, California is facing its fourth year of summer droughts, which has forced residents to take major steps to conserve water, such as not irrigating their land and taking shorter showers, Eco Sikh noted.
Like in Punjab, Californian farmers must find new ways to conserve water, or else face major water droughts that will leave their plots of land like deserts, said Eco-Sikh’s U.S. programme manager, Sumeet Kaur.
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Hungry Vancouver man learns values of Sikhism after turning to Reddit for help

Langar-Sikhism-temple-free food


When Vancouver’s Tommy Castelli — a recovering heroin addict who’s been clean for eight months and suffers from liver disease — ran out of money waiting for his December disability cheque to arrive, he turned to social media in a desperate search for a “free bite to eat.”

And while Reddit is often known for its trolls and cruel anonymous commenters, Castelli was greeted with a surprising response — generosity and a lesson in the values of Sikhism.

“I am hungry and have no money. I’ll save you the sad story, anyone know where I can either get a free bite to eat or food to cook today, I haven’t eaten in two days,” Castelli posted to the Reddit Vancouver board earlier this week.

“I live off a very small amount of money,” Castelli, who lives in an SRO in downtown Vancouver, told Vancouver Desi on Friday, clarifying that he wasn’t asking for money, but rather a safe place to find a free meal to tide him over until his next payment came in. “For the most part, people have been incredibly generous.”

“People gave me helpful advice and I was really moved.”

Some Redditors privately messaged Castelli and dropped off groceries, homemade meals and even meal tickets to a local community centre.

“It (also) started a really great conversation about Sikhism,” Castelli said.

One Reddit user pointed out that Castelli can “always have dinner at one (of) the Sikh temples,” and shared a link to a directory.

Another user further commented, expanding on the Sikh concept of ‘langar,” which is the kitchen found at all gurdwaras where free meals are served to visitors.

“Never forget this, every single Sikh temple in the world will welcome you with open arms (and) offer you free food without any sort of judgment,” the user wrote. “You will be welcomed there for free food, free of judgment, even if you came there every day for every meal. Nothing will be asked of you in return.”

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Mixing tradition with fashion to bring style to Sikhism

Young Australian blogger Karan Kaur is treading a fine line between her Punjabi morals and her love of fashion.

Meet the 20-year-old student from Glendenning who's bringing some catwalk style into wearing a turban.
For Karan Kaur wearing a turban is the heart of her identity as a Sikh, but styling it up isn’t always easy.
That’s why she created “Style with Kaura” an Instagam account that mixes her Punjabi culture and her love of fashion. 

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