Sunday, December 6, 2015

Tasty, Sugar Free - Natura - Firni !

I am sure all of you have tasted custard, Kheer and many similar things, so many times. Today i will tell you about the Sugar Free Natura - FIRNI. It's a very tasty food and very easy to make. The Ingredients include a Bowl of milk, three spoons of rice, Sugar free natura, Dry fruits and Elaichi powder..

Just soak the rice in water for some time say 15 to 20 minutes and grind it in a mixer for a few minutes to make a paste of it. Take another bowl and put the milk in it for boiling. Once boiled, simply mix the rice paste into it. Put the mix on a low flame for some time and keep on stirring constantly. Add the Sugar Free Natura in it as per your taste and the FIRNI is ready. Spray the Elaichi powder for a sweet smell and taste.

Pour the Firni in the serving bowl. Now add the dry fruits as per your taste and let it cool for some time. Your Firni is now ready for serving. Just taste it and you will find it delicious. It is a healthy product as no sugar is used in it. You can take it in your breakfast or as a dessert after the dinner.If you want to know more about Sugar Free Natura, please log on to :

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