Tuesday, December 8, 2015

'His Name Is Darsh Singh': Pushback Against 'Joke' Goes Viral

Greg Worthington
Let me tell you why this shit isn't funny. I know this guy and his name's not 'Muhammad.' He's not Arab, he's Punjabi. He's not even Muslim, he's a Sikh. His name is Darsh Singh and he's a US citizen, born and bred. That jersey he's wearing in this pic, it currently sits in a Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC because he made US history as the NCAA's first turbaned Sikh American basketball player for Trinity University in my hometown of San Antonio. He was co-captain .........

On Sunday, Worthington took to Facebook to introduce Singh and explain why the "joke" in the photo was not funny. As of Tuesday morning, Worthington's post has received more than 23,000 likes and more than 10,000 shares.

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