Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lutyen's Delhi !

Lutyen’s Delhi is very beautiful, with very wide roads, no traffic jams, no power or water shortages, Green, peaceful, calm & cool. You can feel proud by driving around India Gate, President’s house, Parliament, as they look very beautiful.

But with the influx of population, Delhi has developed beyond the boundaries of Leutyen’s Delhi. It is now much bigger and much wider than that. But this part of Delhi, which is out of the Leutyen’s Delhi has no wider roads, full of traffic jams, no parking space, lots of power outages, shortage of drinking water, not much green cover, no more calm and cool.

It is now the most populated city of India and the most polluted city of the world. The only lifeline i.e. Yamuna river has been converted into a big drain of dirty water with no more life in it. You can always face the respiratory problems due to very high levels of PM 2.5 as well PM 10.

The number of vehicles had risen from 41 lakh, just 10 years ago, to a massive strength of 90 lakh with no change in the road network. It has resulted in massive traffic jams all over and the worst outcome is the cancerous gases from the exhaust of motor vehicles. Benzene levels that are purely carcinogen, is much above the prescribed norms.

Though authorities have come out of the deep sleep and want to take certain emergency measures in haste, there seems no end to the problems now, which have already reached a very horrible stage.

Public transport is not that much more powerful that could cater to the massive transit of persons for day to day life. Metro that had once become the lifeline of Delhi, is unable to take the entire load. Though the City Government has announced the new scheme of ODD & EVEN for the city, to come out of the shackles of pollution, but its success is very doubtful.

They want the Private cars to come out on the road for 15 days in a month, i.e. odd number for one day & the even number for the other day. But it will make a large moving population, in the city, without a car, for 15 days in a month. How they will reach to the offices or business places is still under consideration.

The Government says they will add 6000 more buses as well 10,000 more three wheelers in the city for this trial period of 15 days. But will they be able to cater to the requirement of the city is beyond imagination.

The only possibility to connect with each other remains through mobiles that face severe call drop problems or the Internet. We can just hope that things will become better for the Mega City that is the national capital of the biggest democracy of the world. Please log on to :

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