Monday, November 16, 2015

SAD EX Legislators of Delhi Vidhan Sabha Lashed on AAP For Double Standards Supporting Radicals & For Threatening Peace and Harmony in the Border State of Punjab

New Delhi / 16, November 2015 

 Former legislators of Delhi vidhan sabha belonging to Shiromani Akali Dal today lashed on Aam admi party’s Chief Minister in Delhi - Arvind Kejriwal for exploiting situation of unrest in Punjab for his petty political gains and playing divisive politics which is further vitiating the scenario - a direct threaten on peace and harmony in the border state of Punjab which has faced the worst days of turmoil in 1980s to 1990s.

Former MLAs Manjinder Singh Sirsa, Harmeet Singh Kalka, ex councilor Capt. Inderpreet Singh and DSGMC Member Kulwant Singh Bath while jointly addressing the media today said that Aam admi party’s support to Sarbat Khalsa organised by radical forces in Punjab on November 10, had unveiled the double standards of Aam admi party which is trying to project itself as a nationalist party in Delhi but supporting the anti-nationalist agenda in Punjab.

“In Sarbat Khalsa among different agendas passed it also had the indirect reference to separate state – Khalistan and presence of AAP party leaders shows the double standards of their party. More so Sarbat Khalsa made Beant Singh’s assassinator Jagtar Singh Hawara as Akal Takht Jathedar”, said Manjinder Singh Sirsa raising aspersions on the functioning AAP said that one of their MLAs Jarnail Singh is camping in USA and meeting the radical forces who have anti India agenda. “AAP has not cleared its stand on Hawara which proves their divisive agenda”, said Sirsa. According to Sirsa, Jarnail Singh is seen supporting referendum 2020 for a separate state Khalistan by radical forces in USA, which clearly shows the intentions of Aam admi party.

“Our party Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) stands for peace in country and never supported radical agenda and now when AAP is favouring the radicals it is like playing with fire and incase the situation deteriorated in Punjab because of AAP dabbling with radical agenda, they  AAP leaders would be held responsible, dared Sirsa.  Sirsa further said that AAP is mixed up with Congress and like they had joined hands with AAP to form government in Delhi in 2013, though it led to a fiasco – the two parties are working on a similar mechanism dreaming of forming government in Punjab. According to Sirsa the dream which has misadventure and vicious intentions would never be fulfilled as the people of Punjab would reject divisive agenda.
 Speaking on Akali Dal Amritsar leader Simranjeet Singh Mann one of the organisers of Sarbat Khalsa - Sirsa said that Mann’s radical credentials are proved from the fact that in the dossier handed over to Britain government by PM Narendra Modi on radical activities on recent visit, had the names of office bearers of Akali Dal Amritsar led by Mann.
Lashing on AAP’s poster boy MP Bhagwant raising the cause of drugs in Punjab, Sirsa said Mann himself a drug addict these days is admitted in drug de-addiction centre proves that there is huge different between what AAP preaches and practices. 

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