Saturday, November 14, 2015

Please Sign Petition to Ban SickSikhJokes

         Letter to Supreme Court of India

 "For years now, the Sikh community has been ridiculed, insulted, poked fun at, and portrayed as naive idiots, foolish and an object of amusement, all “in good nature.”

Racism is not funny. Nor is making fun of the Sikh religion.

This PIL {PIL/WrtitPetition/CRL/160 of 2015 titled Ms. Harvinder Kaur vs Union Of India through Secretary, Ministry of Telecom and I&B} in the Supreme Court is asking for websites specialising in these jokes to be banned.

I urge you, the Honorable Supreme Court of India to ban the websites that defame and insult the Sikh community.

Progressive nations all over the world have become sensitive about racial or communal humour. It's time to stop casually targeting the Sikh community.

Little boys and girls are bullied in school. It is not okay to “crack a Sardar joke.” It’s not a harmless joke, if an entire community is being bullied under it’s weight".

With Thanks :
RPS Kohli
Kalgidhar Trust/Society

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