Sunday, November 1, 2015

DSGMC Honored Senior Lawyer Bibi Harvinder Kaur Chaudhary who filed PIL in Supreme Court against "derogatory" jokes directed at the Sikh community.

The Supreme Court on Friday ( 30th October 2015 ) agreed to hear a petition asking for direction to ban nearly five thousand websites displaying jokes on the Sikh community. Petitioner Harvinder Chowdhury in her  Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has requested the court to issue an order banning all websites which spread jokes portraying the 'sardar' community as 'persons of low intellect, stupid and foolish'.

Such a complaint has come up for the first time in Delhi - that too before the Supreme Court. Earlier, Sikh groups have on several occasions gone to the police, especially in Mumbai, seeking ban on such jokes.
The issue was first successfully raised in March 2007, when on a complaint filed by a Sikh businessman Mohinder Nanksingh Kakar, Mumbai-based publisher Ranjit Parande was arrested for publishing a book on Santa and Banta, that allegedly carried "derogatory" jokes directed at the Sikh community.

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