Monday, November 2, 2015

Jokes Hurting Religious Sentiments of Sikhs should be banned : DSGMC

New Delhi / 2 November 2015 -Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee (DSGMC) today took a tough stand against the jokes hurting religious sentiments of Sikhs.DSGMC President Manjit Singh G.K. and General Secretary Manjinder Singh Sirsa while addressing media alongwith Senior Advocate of Supreme Court of India Harvinder Kaur Chaudhary, demanded to formulate strong laws to prohibit jokes which hurt Sikh sentiments.

G.K. alleged that it was in the decade of 1980s due to faulty policies of Congress party led government of those days Sikhs were seen as terrorists and they were targeted with jokes which hurt their religious sentiments.According to him, “Satwant Singh and Beant Singh who were charged with killing of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi were named Santa and Banta respectively to hurt the Sikh sentiments”, adding that a number of websites who are doing business in the name of Sikh jokes are doing a business of crores of rupees every year”, said G.K.  

Referring to a meeting of Congress party president with the President of India on the issue of the atmosphere of uncertainty in the country, G.K. asked her to also take up the issue of immunity given to the perpetrators of 1984 Sikh genocide and making fun of Sikhs, by the Congress party. DSGMC president also raised questions on the BJP role in delay in justice to Sikhs.

Speaking on Jokes of clock striking 12 for the Sikhs, G.K. said that history speaks valor and courage of Sikhs when looters used to loot India and also take along girls, forcibly from here, Sikhs used to fight with the looters to rescue the girls and also safely send them back to their homes. “Some people are spreading hatred by making jokes, instead they should go back into the rich historic background of Sikhs,” suggested G.K.  
Sirsa demanded that the websites which are spreading Sikhs jokes should banned so that Sikhs who are in a small minority in country should not be targeted. Supporting Harvinder Kaur Chaudhary, Sirsa said that all political parties are exploiting minorities. “Writers these days are returning their awards but where were they when Sikhs were mercilessly killed in 1984 genocide,” questioned SIrsa.

Speaking on the occasion Chaudhary said that due to jokes on Sikhs, the entire community was being projected in poor light and it adversely impacts their perception also. She advocated that Sikh jokes are impairing the rights of religious freedom given to Sikhs in the Constitution of India, so tough laws be framed and have a provision for tough punishment and penalty for offenders. 

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