Saturday, November 14, 2015

DSGMC starts online petition seeking ban on jokes showing Sikhs in bad light

“Humour is good, but racial Humour is not acceptable” Manjit Singh G.K ( DSGMC President)

The Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) has started an online petition asking the entire Sikhs community to vote against the jokes hurting religious sentiments by showing Sikhs in a bad light.Speaking on the matter President of DSGMC Manjit Singh G.K. said that the petition would build a consensus against the anti-Sikh jokes seeking strong law for a ban, which the petition would be sent to the Supreme Court of India hearing a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by senior Advocate Harvinder Kaur Chaudhary.

Acting on PIL, Supreme Court has asked the community to give its view point on the matter. “We have started an online petition so that the message to the Supreme Court is sent clearly and with utmost conviction that Sikhs want ban on these jokes”, G.K. said adding that Sikhs are a compassionate, serious and hardworking community and don’t like to be treated through the jokes and shown in a bad light.

“I on behalf of DSGMC and the entire Sikh community support the ban. There is a reason behind it. There are people jealous of Sikhs, they may be looters like Ahmed shah Abdali who looted entire country, and used to take away young ladies from India and whom Sikhs used to rescue them in mid night guerrilla operations which has the root of jokes on Sikhs for clock striking 12’oclock,” said G.K. further saying that be it Britishers era, or different governments in the country especially the congress regime involved in genocide of thousands of innocent Sikhs in 1984, unsuccessful attempts were made to projected them in a bad light.

There are several internet websites which are earning huge money and doing a booming business by circulating jokes at the behest of Sikhs who have fought for the nation, got martyred in the freedom struggle”, said G.K, seeking ban on these websites also. “Humour is good, but racial Humour is not acceptable”, commented G.K. He added that Sikhs are guarding borders of country and have played vital role in the wars of 1962, 1965, 1971 and also the Kargil war and Sikhs are prompt to reach out to the people affected by the natural calamity anywhere in the world helping them with food, care and medicines. Countries like France and Britain have recognized the contribution of Sikhs in the first and second world wars, and Britain had even raised a memorial recognizing bravery of Sikh community.

“I personally feel pain and hurt when I read such jokes. I am sure Sikhs and people of other communities all over the world dislike these jokes because they don’t want themselves to be depicted in a bad light,” said G.K. adding that “Sikhs have played key role in development and economy of not only India but also the foreign countries, wherever they are living. Be it technology, business, armed forces and even running the government Sikhs play important role all over the world. I appeal the entire community to vote in large numbers so that a strong law is framed to ban these jokes,” reiterated G.K.

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