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 DSGMC President Manjit Singh GK, General Secretary Manjinder Singh Sirsa in a Press Conference

Bangla Sahib Gurudwara parking issue turns into political battle

DSGMC release documents of handing over Rs. 100 crore parking-lot of 
Gurdwara Bangla Sahib to NDMC
Would never let portion of Gurdwara passed on to the government, 
says DSGMC president Mr.   Manjit Singh G.K.
New Delhi/23-9-2014
The President of Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) Mr. Manjit Singh G.K. and general secretary Manjinder Singh Sirsa  today made public, an agreement done by DSGMC in February 10, 2005, by then General Manager under the presidentship of Mr. Paramjit Singh Sarna, by which it passed ownership of Master Tara Singh car parking at Gurdwara Bangla Sahib to New Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) after 25 years.
Talking to mediapersons Mr. G.K. said the move as backstabbing the Sikh Panth. Elaborating on the issue Mr. G.K. informed that the parking lot along Gurdwara Bangla Sahib was attached to the Gurdwara in 1970 with the efforts of Jathedar Santokh Singh and it was decided to convert it into parking lot for the convenience of pilgrims. A road that existed on the location was closed down to give way to the parking.
DSGMC president further informed that on January 25, 2001 NDMC chairman Mr. BP Mishra and on July 25, 2002 then Lt. Governor of New Delhi Mr. Vijay Kapoor, had assured then president of SAD-Delhi Mr. Avtar Singh Hit that the building plan of the parking submitted would be cleared.
Mr. G.K. questioned former DSGMC president Mr. Sarna’s compulsion to hand over parking lot to NDMC on February 10, 2005 after 25 years through an agreement prepared by his legal advisor Mr. Harvinder Singh Phoolka.  
Mr. G.K. said the move by Mr. Prahlad Singh Chandok also a former DSGMC president is questionable when he wrote a letter no. 11101/4-3 Dated November 17, 2004 to secretary NDMC for extending lease of parking from 15 to 25 years.  
“It is surprising that Mr. Sarna is writing to NDMC on December 11, 2004, for approval of building plan and two months later he decided to hand over parking lot to NDMC after 25 years,” said Mr. G.K. He further revealed that a day after receiving copy of agreement to be signed with NDMC, from associate of Mr. Phoolka, advocate Mr. Jasmeet Singh on January 20, 2005, Mr. Sarna handed over charge of DSGMC president to Mr. Baldev Singh Rani Bagh on January 21, 2005 through letter no. 696/4-4-D.
Raising questions on Mr. Rani Bagh’s letter no. 1073/4-3 Dated February 4, 2005 to NDMC secretary Mr. UK Vohra as ‘As desired/urgent’ authorizing then General Manager of DSGMC Mr. Sarwan Singh to sign the agreement of transferring parking lot to NDMC. “It was despite that fact that Mr. Rani Bagh was given charge of the DSGMC president for routine works. Why Mr. Sarna has not acted against Mr. Rani Bagh for misusing his powers,” Mr. G.K. further questioned.
Speaking about the terms of the said agreement prepared by Mr. Phoolka at the beshest of Mr. Sarna, DSGMC president Mr. Manjit Singh GK said that section 2 of the agreement gave away ownership rights of the parking lots and a park built over it to NDMC, section 5 talks of transfer of ownership to NDMC after 25 years, section 6 for imposing charges on the parking, section 7 says NDMC can use the parking lot or any other purpose despite expenditure on construction made by DSGMC, section 12 and 14, about maintenance, security, expenditure on electricity, and section 14 has provisions of inscribing logo of NDMC on the entrance of the parking lot despite it being named after Master Tara Singh. “Under what compulsion these terms were agreed the Sikh Sangat must question Mr. Sarna,” asked Mr. G.K.
“Panth Rattan Baba Harbans singh Ji have carried kar Sewa of the parking lot at cost of Rs. 100 crore, collecting portion Sikhs’ earnings, and its handing over to the government has exposed Sarna brothers,” said Mr. G.K. who vowed that he would not let the parking lot passed on to NDMC at any cost.   
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