Friday, December 16, 2011

West Coast Sikhi Camp :Celebrating Tradition & History

Sikhi Camps: A platform to experience Sikhism.

In every nation, the youth are its future. Such camps played an important role in preserving tradition, history, customs and values among youths and help in transforming them into informed and vibrant members of society.

Topics related to civic, educational and personal development programs will gear them to learn how to become contributing members towards the UN millennium goals.The workshops on tradition and history will train the youth to act responsibly in their roles in life guided by the concept of Miri-Piri (spiritual and temporal),as established by the 6th Guru,Guru Hargobind.This concept established that,the Sikh Nation is for ever free for times to come and owes its allegiance to one God (Akaal Purakh).It will train them to stand for the protection of human-rights and justice for all, provide humanitarian aid to the needy, and provide empowerment through education to all. These camps provide a unique environment that promotes friendship, leadership, and community.

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