Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guru Nanak legacy in Odisha forgotten

The locals of Jajpur district seem to have forgotten Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikh religion, who, during his pilgrimage to Puri, had landed in Jajpur in 1506.
“A well was dug in Jajpur town to provide water to Guru Nanak and his disciples during their visit to the place. A large number of people used the well considering the water to be holy like the water of the river Ganga. But now some influential persons in a clear nexus with officials are trying to damage the 500-year-old well,” said Gurucharana Singh Gill of State Sikh Pratinidhi Board.
The ancient well is now covered with garbage. It is a matter of regret that some persons are trying to erase the memory of Guru Nanak by leveling the well. The altar (gadi) of Guru Nanak near Barahanath temple in Baranath village of Jajpur town, where Nanak sat during his visit to Jajpur, is also neglected.
“Though belated, the altar of Guru Nanak and the 500-year-old well could still be restored to its original design,” said a researcher of Jajpur Eakadashi Padhi.

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