Friday, December 2, 2011

Proud to be Sikh

As the film 'I Am Singh' releases today, some prominent Sikhs speak to DT about how 9/11 changed the world's perception towards them

A turban is the honour and pride of all Sikhs. It is very important for each Sikh and when, because of mistaken identity, they are asked to remove their pagdis, then everyone should unite to fight it. This film is to educate the West about the difference between the Arabs and Sikhs. Innocent people were targetted across the world after 9/11, because of mistaken identity,"- Ajit Pal Singh (former Indian ockey captain and winner of Hockey World Cup, 1975)

Sikhs are treated as the irrelevant minority. "I Am Singh" is a voice that echoes a sentiment of Sikhs across the world, who stand for universal brotherhood. The Sikhs are the survivors. They stand for truth and are martial. "Iss film ko dekhna mere liye mazhab hai, iss film ko support karna mera dharm hai" - Navjot Singh Siddhu (cricket and TV personality) .

with thanks : TIMES OF INDIA : link in headline above for detailed news.


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