Friday, December 23, 2011

Chinese restaurant ad causes controversy

DUBAI // An advertising agency has come under fire for a Chinese restaurant advertisement that its critics say is racist.
The advert for China Times, which has branches in Deira City Centre and Jumeirah Plaza, features photographs of three men - a Sikh, an Arab and a black man - whose eyes have been digitally altered to look Chinese, with the slogan "Brings out the Chinese in everyone".
Created in 2009 by an agency in Dubai, the advertisement was approved by the restaurant but never used. It was also entered in an advertising industry competition in Dubai.
Now the ad has found its way on to the internet and has attracted criticism, particularly among users of social media websites.
"I feel it is really shameful to see a ridiculous stereotype like that used to promote a restaurant," said Katrina Hall, an Australian expatriate who lived in China for six years and is fluent in Mandarin.
"Surely people have more intelligence than that? Surely there is a better way to attract customers?"
She added: "I personally find the advertisement to be highly offensive and racist and I am sure I am not alone. In a country as diverse and culturally rich as UAE, which has such a huge number of people from all around the world, I would hope that there would be a bit more respect than just making a mockery of 'slanted eyes'."
TD&A DDB, the agency that created the ad, entered it in the Dubai-based Lynx awards for the advertising industry, but it did not win.

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