Thursday, December 22, 2011

Judge – border guards can order removal of Sikh turbans

A court has ruled that when border guards ordered British-Sikh Shaminder Puri to remove his turban at Warsaw airport in October 2009 they were “acting within the law”.
Warsaw airport
Judge Jacek Tyszka ruled that though Warsaw airport border guards had violated his dignity when he was passing through controls at the airport, the action was not illegal under Polish law.
“Such an inspection may be unpleasant but it is sometimes necessary,” the judge ruled.
Puri, who was not in court to hear the verdict, told the Gazeta Wyborczanewspaper by telephone yesterday that “I am disappointed by the verdict. Now we must carefully read of the judge's ruling and consider an appeal”.
Shaminder Puri, a fluent speaker of Polish after he studied for a degree in the country 30 years ago, had demanded a public apology from the border guards and media which had covered the case, and 10,000 euro be paid to charity.
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