Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Clerics furious over traffic drive

GURGAON: Over-zealous traffic police officials in Gurgaon have raised the hackles of religious leaders after they made traffic violators swear on their respective holy books that they would abide by the rules. In fact, a Muslim organisation has threatened to take action.
The Jamiatul Mahim said it plans to issue a fatwa against forcing truck drivers to take oath on the Quran, a cleric said. Hindu and Sikh religious leaders are also fuming at the exercise by Gurgaon Traffic Police of using sacred books to make people swear by lane driving.
Gurgaon traffic police had launched a "Sensible Driving" programme on the expressway. As part of the drive, heavy vehicle drivers found violating rules were fined and then asked to take oath on their holy book.
Mushtak Ansari, a cleric from Delhi-based Jamiatul Mahim, said "Any type of traffic offence on the road should be treated according to the law. Our religion does not allow sacred Quran to be involved in such matters. We will take it up with the ulemas and a fatwa would be issued," said Imam of Jama Masjid Mosque.
President of Gurudawara Singh Sabha Gurgaon, Santhokh Singh, also expressed his ire, saying, "I can't believe this. There is a particular religious procedure to move the Guru Granth Sahib... We will certainly take strong action."

with thanks : Times of India : link in headline above for detailed news.

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