Friday, January 27, 2012

Racist murder of Sikh waiter to be reinvestigated after 10-year campaign

The racist murder of a Sikh waiter has been officially reopened by Scotland's chief prosecutor after a 10-year campaign by the dead man's family.
Frank Mulholland, the lord advocate, said the police had been asked to reinvestigate the murder of Surjit Chhokar in November 1998 after he met the man's family in Edinburgh on Thursday morning.
Mulholland confirmed that the Crown Office was now reviewing the case after the Scottish parliament last year scrapped the so-called double jeopardy rule that prevented someone previously cleared of a seriouscrime being prosecuted again for that offence.
Chhokar's death from multiple stab wounds, after he was allegedly attacked by a group of men on a street in Overtown near Motherwell, has been likened to the Stephen Lawrence case in south London.
Lesley Thomson, the solicitor general for Scotland, said: "The prosecution service is committed to make use of the powers under the new double jeopardy legislation.

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