Friday, January 27, 2012

Jay Leno takes heat over "Tonight Show" Sikh sketch

(CBS/AP) Sparks continue to fly over a recent Jay Leno skit. British lawmakers say Prime Minister David Cameron should complain to the United States over a Leno routine that joked about the holiest site in the Sikh religion.
On the Jan. 19 episode of "The Tonight Show," Leno showed a photo of an impressive gold building and joked that it was Republican Mitt Romney's summer home. The site was actually the Golden Temple, a revered Sikh site.
In a motion published at Parliament on Thursday, two legislators said Leno had shown a complete misunderstanding of the Sikh faith. British opposition Labour Party lawmakers Virendra Shrama and John McDonnell proposed a motion demanding Cameron call on the U.S. to show more respect toward Sikhs. The move does not compel Cameron to take any action.
Leno is also causing a stir stateside. TMZ reports the 61-year-old host is now being sued by a man in California named Dr. Randeep Dhillon, who argues the comedian is spreading hatred and ridicule of his religion.

with thanks : cbsnews : link in headline for detailed news.

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