Monday, January 23, 2012

Dutch Sikh makes significant progress regarding Sikh identity

A passionate Sikh author has made significant progress with the Dutch authorities in a number of previous anomalies in the Dutch authorities to recognise the needs of the Sikh community, especially their articles of faith. 

This Sikh gentleman is Sardar Bhupinder Singh, he said “I am mailing you an important news for the Sikhs from the Netherlands with pleasure, honor and pride. This will further help to resolve our Turban issue and Identity problem, especially in Europe”

Due to Bhupinder Singh persistence he has recently received a letter from Mr Leers the Minister for Immigration, Integration and Asylum which highlights that  Sikhs can join the police force, military and the judiciary. In general, officials are not prohibited from wearing a turban or other symbols of their religion.

The controversy around Sikh names has been clarified and Sikhs children can be registered in accordance with Sikh traditions, but more importantly Sikh names that have been registered incorrectly can be changed.

with thanks : emgonline : link in headline above for detailed news.

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