Sunday, January 15, 2012

France violated Sikh’s right to wear turban says UN

In an important victory for the Sikh community in France, the United Nations Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) has ruled that France has violated the right of a Sikh who had been asked to remove his turban for a photo ID card.
Ranjit Singh, a 76 year old Sikh living in France has not had access to public healthcare any other social benefits since 2005 as he refused to take off his turban for the photo ID card. United Sikhs, a Sikh rights group had filed a communication with the UNHRC on behalf of Ranjit Singh in December 2008.
The UN body has found that France violated Ranjit Singh’s right to wear a turban in accordance to his religion. UNHRC observed in its judgment: “Even if the obligation to remove the turban for the identity photograph might be described as a one-time requirement, it would potentially interfere with the author’s (Ranjit Singh’s) freedom of religion on a continuing basis because he would always appear without his religious head covering in the identity photograph and could therefore be compelled to remove his turban during identity checks.”

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