Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Manas Kee Jaat Sabhe Eke Pehchaanbo"

Recognize the Human Race as One
The celebration of the Birthday/ Prakash Utsav of the Sikh Guru, Sri Guru Gobind Singh serves as a reminder to all governments, civil servants, humanitarian-aid activists and educationalists in the world to Recognize the Human Race as One.

The prakash utsav(birthday)of the 10th Sikh Guru,Guru Gobind Singh marks the birth of a father, a son, a husband, a great warrior,a strategist,a just human rights activists,a scholar,a linguist, an institution builder. He reminds every human being to stand up for human rights and justice. Even in the 16th century,in Guru Gobind Singh's army,the concept of humanitarian aid existed,where one was allowed to provide medical-aid to both the sides of the army. He also sent Sikhs far and wide to learn from other cultures and religions.Thus,he spread the message of empowerment through education and Interfaith-dialogue,created an environment and a culture to co-exist with all human and just races.He inspired humanity to stand up for a righteous cause and to the defense of the defenseless ,to provide humanitarian aid to the needy .

UNITED SIKHS Organisation takes inspiration & tailored its programs from Gurus actions ,such as the International Civil Human Rights Advocacy, Humanitarian Aid and Community Empowerment and Education. UNITED SIKHS projects have been run for centuries on the guidelines of Sikh Gurus. Their slogan, Recognize the Human Race As One, is coined by Guru Gobind Singh himself.

UNITED SIKHS volunteers continue to provide selfless service globally to make this world a better place. Their motto in life :
"Lets join hands and follow the path set by our Guru so that justice, peace and prosperity prevails for all times to come".

With thanks :UNITED SIKHS

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