Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sikhs begin karsewa to construct gurudwara

BAHRAICH: The Sikh devotees from all over the country reached Dadahi village here. Led by Damdami Taksal Akhara in Punjab, they began the 'Karsewa'(construction) of new building of Nanaksahi Gurdwara on Monday.

It may be recalled that some mischievous elements had desecrated the Guru Granth Saheb in the village recently. The devotees began the `karseva' by demolishing the old building. `Akhand Paath' and `Sabad Kirtan' was held. Some devotees then left for Uttarakhand with the ashes of the holy scripture for immersing it into the pious waters of Nanakmata.

Some anti-social elements burnt the holy scripture kept in the Gurudwara on December 19 last year. The Sikhs became angry and held demonstrations. The community then decided to reconstruct the building afresh after demolishing the old one. Sikhs from all corner of the country reached Dadahi village on Sunday.

Disciples of Dera Nanak Saheb led by Sant Baba Sulakhan Singh carried out `karseva' and demolished the old structure for the constructed of new building of Gurdwara. Parikarma marg will be constructed around the building to avoid inconvenience to the devotees.

A procession was also taken out. The paath of Guru Granth Saheb paath is being held for the last three days in which a group of 10 devotees of Ajmata Damdami Taksal of Punjab are participating. Addressing the devotees, Lakhwinder Singh of Damdama Akhara said that the honour of the Sikh community should be protected at all cost.

Those who stole and burnt the holy book should be severely dealt with. Gyani Jarnail Singh of Roop Huzoori Ragi Jatha led a kirtan. President, Bahraich Gurdwara Management Committee Sardar Bhupendra Singh also addressed the gathering.

Source : with thanks : http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/allahabad/Sikhs-begin-karsewa-to-construct-gurudwara/articleshow/5434425.cms


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