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CBI files closure report in Mangolpuri anti-Sikh riots case


New Delhi: After filing charge sheets in two cases of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, CBI today submitted a closure report in a case pertaining to the death of a medical practitioner here during the 25-year-old incident.

The report was filed in the court of CMM, Tis Hazari Court, in the case pertaining to the death of Iqbal Singh Chadda, a medical practitioner in Mangolpuri area here, during riots following assassination of Indira Gandhi, the then prime minister of India, a CBI spokesperson said.

During the investigation conducted by CBI, the complainant could not give any information as to where, when and who killed her husband Dr Chadda and burnt his body.

"Moreover, witnesses earlier examined by the local police were also questioned but they could not provide any information relating to the killing of Dr Iqbal Singh Chadda," the official said.

During the extensive field investigation conducted at Mangolpuri, it was found that several persons or witnesses residing there in 1984 have since expired.

"Several others have shifted their residence and are not traceable
in spite of best efforts. During the process, two relevant witnesses were traced. In their examination, they stated that Dr Iqbal Singh Chadda had taken shelter in their home in the intervening night of November one and two, 1984.

"In the wee hours of November two, 1984, a mob entered their house, dragged out Dr Chadda and killed him near their house. They stated that they could not identify any of the assailants. Later on, they came to know that Dr Iqbal Singh Chadda was killed in the street near their house by a mob and his dead body was burnt by putting a 'khokha' on it," the official said.

An FIR was registered at Police Station Mangolpuri in connection with the riots that followed the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the then prime minister of India.

Further, the government had appointed the Nanavati Commission in May 2000 for enquiring into the 1984 anti Sikh riots incidents. The Nanavati Commission submitted its report to the government on February 9, 2005.

After considering the findings of the Nanavati Commission, the ministry of home affairs, directed CBI on October 24, 2005 to investigate or re-investigate the cases including this case.

Accordingly, this case was re-registered in CBI.During investigation, various affidavits, filed before different commissions and considered by the Nanavati Commission, were obtained from the ministry of home affairs, segregated police station wise and the relevant affidavits relating to police station Mangolpuri were scrutinised.

"The scrutiny of the affidavits revealed that the affidavits filed by only one affiant pertains to the death of Dr Iqbal Singh Chadda. The said affiant had expired on June three, 2005, therefore could not be examined," he said.

Furthermore, the contents of the affidavits could not be corroborated or substantiated during the investigation.

During investigation, a list of 10 affiants, all residents of Mangolpuri during 1984, who had filed affidavits before Nanavati commission, was collected with the help of the November 1984 Carnage Justice Committee.

Examination of available witnesses could not yield any relevant information pertaining to this incident, the official said.

Later, a person, who had surfaced in media as a witness to Anti Sikh Riot incidents, was also examined. But he expressed his ignorance about the killing of Dr Iqbal Singh Chadda.

Polygraph test of some suspects or accused persons were also conducted but no deception was reported. Therefore, despite hardest and sincere efforts put in during the investigation by CBI, no evidence could be gathered against the suspects or accused persons involved in the murder of Dr Iqbal Singh Chadda, the official added.

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