Saturday, April 8, 2017

Sikh community shaken after AM-PM fatal shooting

YAKIMA, Wash. - Kamaljit Singh has lived in Yakima for 11-years and said he had never heard of such an incident against a Sikh member in this community.
"I was pretty shocked, the guy just came from India he was new, got shot its terrifying," said Sikh temple member, Kamaljit Singh.  
The 25-year-old male clerk who was killed during an armed robbery Thursday morning has been identified as Yikram Jaryal from Punjab, India.
Sikh community members said he had just arrived about a month ago, just looking to work his way up.
His family members looking for a way to take his body back to India.
Sikh community members ready to help.
"We are going to get together and hopefully support the family of the victim," said Singh.

But what shocks the community the most is that the suspects shot Jaryal even though he handed the suspects the money.
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