Thursday, May 14, 2015

Secure the future of your loved ones with MyLife+

Life is quite uncertain & there is none who can predict the death of any human being. The minute a person finishes his journey on this earth, is the minute, when the hardships start upcoming in the life of the loved ones, who are left behind. Therefore, if we could give a little thought in our lifetime, we can do a lot for our loved ones, even when we are not physically present or even after the death.

There is Edelweiss Tokio Life - MyLife+ policy that is a Term Insurance plan or a low cost insurance plan or budget insurance that provides full protection and financial stability to our loved ones, in case of any unforeseen events. The plan provides absolute protection & financial security of our loved ones in case we are no more and quite beneficial even though it’s non participating & non linked.

We have to decide a substantial amount, that we think is suitable for our family as per our status (minimum sum assured is 25 Lakh) and start paying a small premium every year. If something happens to the insured person, the family gets the Sum insured in three easy ways. The family can choose the death benefit as a lump sum payment, the family can choose a monthly payout of 1% of the sum insured for 130 months or the family can choose a combination of both.

Even though it has the minimum & a maximum entry age limit of 18 to 60 years, once entered, it provides us the flexibility to choose a cover for up to the maximum maturity age of 80 years with Tax benefits for premium & claim amount. It also gives the insured person a comprehensive cover through various riders in certain cases. The best part is that everything can be done very easily through their website where we can check every single detail and can proceed to calculate the premium & make the payment.

We must remember that Edelweiss Life insurance is a venture between Edelweiss Financial Services, Mumbai & Tokio Marine Holdings Inc, Japan and they are offering, not just an Insurance policy but a Solution to our future unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, we must proceed to buy online the Edelweiss Tokio Life - MyLife+ policy to safeguard the interests of our loved ones.

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