Saturday, May 2, 2015

Nepal Relief Team Bringing Medical Assistance to Those Most Vulnerable, Much More Needed...

Kathmandu, Nepal – The people of Nepal are still suffering after an earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes shook the country to its core, killing more than 5,500 people, and leaving thousands without water, shelter and medical aid, especially those living in remote areas who are famished and sick because of the lack of aid.

UNITED SIKHS Nepal Relief Team consisting of Dr. Harmeet Singh, physician in charge of Emergency and Urgent Care at the Moolchand hospital in New Delhi, Dr. Amarjeet Singh, working in Radiology Department at GB Pant Hospital in Srinagar and Dr.Rishab Koirala, from a local teaching hospital of Nepal are on the ground. The team is completed with the presence of another 10 volunteers and medical technicians.
Overview of medical assistance provided by the team within a week -
  • First medical camp was set up in Bhimatra in Sindhupal Chowk area almost 120 km from Kathmandu. The team had to walk 10 km on foot to reach this village. Around 80 patients were provided medical aid there.
  • Multiple medical camps have been held around the Raviholi area with the team visiting 6 villages and nearly 200 patients have been provided with medical assistance.
Type of injuries our doctors and medical team have been attending to -
  • trauma (lacerated wounds, abrasions, infected wounds, fractures)
  • shortness of breath
  • musculoskeletal pain
  • diarrhoea
  • acute gastroenteritis
  • heath concerns for pregnant women
  • fever
  • upper respiratory tract infections
  • joint pains
  • allergies
  • oral ulcers
  • anxiety disorders
Dr. Harneet Singh said: “I want to contribute to humanity. I love helping people, and since I am a doctor, I know the value of life”. Dr. Amarjeet Singh shares “I’m not just a doctor, but a sevadar. I want to help medically and give the best in terms of medical relief.”

We would like to thank all our supporters who have donated towards the mission from the beginning. Your support has reached hundreds in need of medical assistance already and we are committed to providing medical aid to many more. Our doctors are willing to walk long distances to ensure medical aid reaches all. We hope you will walk with us and continue to donate. If you have not had a chance to donate yet, please click below.
WHAT’S NEEDED? People have lost basic life necessities of food, shelter and clothing.
1. The ground team has assessed need for 600 tents and floor covering. Each tent can house 30-40 people. Total cost is Rs 18,50,000/ USD 29,000/ GBP 19,200.
2. The below list of basic medicines and many more are needed so aid can be provided. Plan is to ship medicine worth Rs 32,00,000/ USD 50,000/ GBP 32,800
3. Cost for 3 tonnes of food is Rs 21,35,000/ USD 33,500/ GBP 22,500
4. Distribution and field transportation cost- Rs 10,00,000/ USD 15,700/ GBP 10,500
5. Volunteer field cost- Rs 3,00,000/ USD 4700/ GBP 3100
-TAB Pantocid 200
-Rantac 200
-Domperidone 200
-Needle (2,0.3, 0.4,0) 100
-Gloves 200
-Masks 200
-Needle Holders 10
-Scissors 10
-TAB Dickifenac 200
-Paracetamol 300
-Flexon 300
Combiflame 200
-Gauzes 500
-Bandages 500
-Betadine Liquids 5litre 20 bottles
-INJ TT 500
-ORS Sachets 500
-TAB Amoxycillin 200
-Ciprofloxacin 100
-Ceflxime 100
-SYP Ciprofloxacin 200
-SYP Amoxicillin 200
-SYP Ceflixime 200
- Diclofenac 100
- Betadine 100
- Neosporin 50
The team has set up a medical relief supplies base camp at the DDA, Community Hall, Gujjar Diary, Gautam Nagar, New Delhi - 49, near the Green Park Metro station. All medical supplies will be transported to Nepal with our volunteers.
Our cargo costs are minimal as our base camp is set up in New Delhi, in close proximity to the disaster area.
Special Thank You
  • The Prerna Social Development & Welfare Society who have kindly allowed us to use their complex as our medical base camp.
  • Spice Jet for 3 tonnes of charge free cargo and excess baggage fee waiver.
  • Datawind for the tablets for field work and communication by the medical team.

Issued By:
Gurvinder Singh

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