Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sikhs and Tamils celebrate their New Year in Singapore

SINGAPORE: Many Indian communities, including the Tamils and Sikhs, are celebrating their New Year this week.
The Sikhs celebrated Vesakhi on Tuesday (Apr 14). The community also kicked off a series of celebrations to mark SG50. The light-up at the Central Sikh Temple, along Towner Road, on Tuesday evening marked the highlight of the 300-year-old festival.
The community has also organised a slew of activities, such as Sikh Environment Day and Saviour Day (Rakhewala) for the month of April. In May, the spotlight will be on how Sikh ladies celebrate SG50 with the Women's Festival.
There will also be awareness campaigns around the narratives surrounding Sikhism, including the importance of the turban and Sikh family life.
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