Saturday, March 14, 2015

Power of being #together #lookup with optimism !

We were just going to the bed when I got the message that our uncle had met with an accident & he has been taken to a hospital in south Delhi. We immediately rushed to the hospital & found him in a bad position. He had multiple fractures in his bone & doctors had asked for immediate operation in the morning. They asked us to arrange few bottles of blood by morning and handed over a big list of required medicines. While discussing the issue with doctors, they informed us that steel rods are to be inserted in place of multiple fracture.

My uncle felt very depressed when he came to know about the insertion of steel rods. He even started crying, not due to the pain, but due to the fact that if steel rods will be inserted, he won’t be able to walk freely in future. He toldme to do something but I could not understand that what to do or whom to talk at that late hours.

I have a big group of friends & I immediately placed the message on whatsapp. In minutes I got several messages from my friends that they are reaching there for donation of blood.

I got a call from one of my very close friend, a doctor himself. He told me to bring the X ray & other reports to him immediately. I took the reports & rushed towards my doctor friend. I discussed with him about my uncle that he was very depressed on finding the insertion of steel rods. My Doctor friend checked everything & suggested that we can move even without the operaton.

He suggested that if your uncle can take rest of two to three months, without any movement, with heavy weights on his legs, he can be perfectly ok even without the operation. I immediately discussed it with our other family members present in the hospital & we stopped the operation.

My uncle was very happy when he heard that he will be perfectly ok even without the insertion of steel rods. He got a great level of strength & was highly motivated & he started looking upwards with absolute optimism.

The next morning, he was shifted to our home. My friendly doctor visited us & performed the necessary actions on my uncle. It took him almost three months & he was OK. Doctors did certain physiotherapy techniques on him & soon he started walking on his own.

In the summer holidays we decided to go to Hemkund sahib where one has to walk 21 Kms one way i.e. 42 Kms both ways. My uncle came with us to the trip. That was the most memorable moment for all of us as he was walking freely on the hills with great strength & optimism. It was a moment of joy for all of us as our efforts were successful and our dearest uncle was absolutely on his own & he was walking even without any stick. All this could happen as all of us were #together & with positive #lookup in our mind.

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