Friday, March 6, 2015

Optimism with positive behaviour is the crux of life !

Optimism is must if you wish to achieve something in your life. If you want to look upwards, you have to shed all of the negative thoughts.  Just a few months ago I read about Mr. Kailash  Satyarthi, who started his activities as a social activist on the ‘Bachpan Bachao Platform’. His activities reached to such a scale that he was selected for the Nobel Peace Prize for the year 2014. He never started with a thought that he had to get the Nobel. He just started his journey with a positive mind, with optimism, with a will to do something for the downtrodden and the outcome was the Nobel Peace Prize. We feel proud that we belong to a country where we have persons of that calibre.

Now i will tell you about a person who is just a Tea seller. No I am not talking about our Prime Minister. This person is a Tea seller at the ITO in Delhi. His name is Laxman Rao. I just got a call from CNN IBN channel to come for a discussion on the Delhi elections on ‘Chay Pe Charcha’. The official cab took me to the spot & I saw a person making Tea on the footpath. We were told to sit on the nearby stones. He offered us a cup of tea & soon the discussion started.

It was my very first meeting with him and I got a strange feeling on finding that he too was a speaker in the discussion. He spoke so well that I was surprised on his vast knowledge on various issues. He was a very active participant in the discussion. Soon the show was over & I started to leave. But just than I saw a  big lot of books lying nearby. Out of curiosity, I went there to see what kind of books these were & to my surprise, all of these books were written by that Tea seller Mr Laxman Rao - Author.

Soon he became very friendly & explained about himself. He said that after writing his very first book he went to various publishers but none of them agreed to print it. But he continued his efforts & when he found none to publish his book, he himself published it at his own cost. One after another he wrote dozens of books & all of them were published by himself.

His books are so famous that these are regularly sold at various Book fairs. He was awarded by the President Smt Pratibha Patil. He is a Blogger too. I know we all have thousands of friends on Facebook but have you ever sought friendship with a CHAY WALA AUTHOR. Just try it & you will find a great personality in him as he is also very active on Facebook. Just search Laxman Rao on your FB page & you will find him.

Even though he is an ordinary Tea vendor but his will to look upwards, his optimistic behaviour, his positive vibrations have made him a great author. Have a cup of tea with him if you want to see a real hero of life. Please log on to the website if you too really want to look upwards in your life. Pic has been taken with thanks from the weblink Plz shed all of your negative thoughts and start looking upwards. Laxman Rao is a great example for all of us. 

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