Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bold decision for growth & success !

It’s always expected that if you want to make a change, you must be bold enough, strongest as well with positive attitude. It’s the positivity of thoughts that can generate fruits even in a desert. Just think of Gujrat. It has no water or can say it has very little water, still it is the major producer of Electricity in India. What they did, they took the positive attitude & decided to use the sun light for making electricity. The result is that today they don’t have any kind of scarcity of power and it has resulted into the mega development of the state. Therefore, we must always be capable to take strong decisions for favourable responses.

One of my friend did his PHD from one of the Indian university but the placement was not that exciting. He got much lesser than what he expected. He had big plans to buy a new home, a car and all that but with that small salary he knew he can’t meet his goals.

Therefore, he took a bold decision to Start a new life. He resigned from the Job. He had done his PHD in the Power sector. He immediately applied for a loan from the bank. On viewing his qualification, bankers immediately sanctioned the loan. With that amount, he purchased a running unit related to his field and started manufacturing Solar panels.

He knew that power is a major source for the development of our country. So he decided to produce solar panels for his personal growth as well for the growth of the country. Soon he became the major producer of Solar panels in the country. He even started exporting to various countries.

He was on the path of Glory & success just because he took a bold & right decision at the right minute. Instead of doing a small job, today he has given a job to over a hundred persons in his factory.

That’s what we call the success story of a person that wanted to make a change. A person who wanted to change the trends of job seekers into job creators. He changed his thoughts & today he is a successful businessman.

Very recently, he was awarded the TOP EXPORTERS award by a top most institution of the country for his growth, development as well exports. This kind of persons who are bold enough to take strongest decisions often make the history.

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He has indeed changed his destiny. He has also given a new way of life to his employees. He is a source of encouragement & achievement for his entire staff. They all feel pround on working under his guidance. And this is just because, he was bold enough to resign from his job & take a right step. We feel proud of him.

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