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The forgotten Sikh jewel !

The forgotten Sikh jewel
Taking advantage of the long Eid break last month, I along with a couple of friends decided to explore the ancient Dipalpur Fort about a couple of hours drive from Lahore.
On reaching Dipalpur, we started inquiring about the whereabouts of the Dipalpur
Fort and to our amazement no one had a clue as to what we were talking about — until a shopkeeper taking us for some ‘documentary-types’ directed us to a small village on Wasawaywala Road, by the name of Bhuman Shah.
After travelling on this scenic road, surrounded by potato and maize fields, for 15 minutes, we reached Bhuman Shah. To our surprise, it looked like a mini fort with a huge compound divided into residential quarters or haveli, a gurdwara or prayer area and a dharamshala or hostel for devotees. Presently, except for the gurdwara, local inhabitants are using all other buildings of the compound as residences with limited awareness for heritage conservation.
The haveli and some meditation rooms in the gurdwara appear to be built in late 18th century, however Samadhi and prayer hall appears to be newer constructions in comparison to the haveli.
The gurdwara and the two buildings are protected under the Anitquities Act 1974.
However, the only sign of the government possession of the gurdwara is a huge lock at the main gate — though both visitors as well as schoolboys can enter through one of the broken walls either to explore the amazing gurdwara or play cricket in the main prayer hall, depending on their interests.
The haveli or residential compound is an imposing structure with its own ancient wooden gate. The outer walls are now in dilapidated condition but have intricate carvings and frescos and beautiful arches all around. The walls covered with frescos show various scenes from the Sikh history as well as carved embellishments showing human faces, beasts as well as shapes depicting jinns.
The Queen before the King.
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