Tuesday, August 19, 2014

British Sikh campaigners urge for Cameroon's intervention on Afghan Sikh's persecution

AMRITSAR: British Sikh campaigners have urged British Prime Minister David Cameroon to match his rhetoric on fighting jihadism, by directly intervening on the case of these 35 Sikhs — one of whom has died in the process of the agonizing struggle to get to the safety of the UK.

"Sikhs, along-with Hindu and Buddhist, have been direct and whole-scale victims of the horrifying Taliban jihad warfare on non-Muslim minorities and communities in Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of Afghan Sikhs have fled to the UK and other parts of Europe, over the course of the last 15- years" said Jagdeesh Singh of UK based Sikh Community Action Network while talking to TOI on Monday.

with thanks : TOI : LINK : for detailed news.

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