Friday, August 29, 2014

Home is where the heart is !

Beautifying heart & home are two prime factors for making a house, a real home, because, home is, where the heart is. Therefore, we must take the time to make our surroundings reflect our unique personality and soothe our senses. By infusing our home with some of the natural, nourishing elements, we’ll have the energy to shine when it matters most. Therefore, I intend to beautify my home so that it is a reflection of my heart.

Swayam Boutique Collection 11 pcs Bedroom Set - BTQ11-Tradition

I have my own style of beautifying my home & i take my own time to make it beautiful. I buy a thing only & only if it looks beautiful to me, be it casual, ethnic, contemporary or anything else. Therefore, first of all I would like to add the Swayam Boutique Collection of 11 pcs bed room set. It’s bright in colour & it will definitely reflect the brightness of my heart into my bedroom.  

Aapno Rajasthan Lantern-048

The next thing I would prefer to have in my home will be the Aapno Rajasthan Lantern. It’s looking so pretty, so cute, so beautiful. It’s full of brightness & there will be no chance of any shadows of any darkness in my home as it will sparkle the life in all the four corners.  

Aapno Rajasthan Time Piece and National Emblem Stand
Though I wanna add much more out of the collection, but I have only three options. So the last thing but not the least, that i will definitely have in my home is the Aapno Rajasthan Time Piece and National Emblem stand. It will not only keep me on time always, but will generate a non ending sense of pride & responsibility for my mother land, my India.

We must remember that the essence of a home lies in the personalities of the people who live in it. Therefore, if you are living in a house, which is just a physical structure, plz use your heart, your feelings, your emotions and make it a home. We must remember that, "Home is where the heart is".

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