Saturday, February 20, 2010

Famous Sikh Personality: Dr.Gurjit Singh

Every idea is a Dream before it becomes a reality :
Dr.Gurjeet Singh,grand-son of legendary Sikh figure,late Prof.Sahib Singhji (who wrote Sri Guru Granth Darpan: Punjabi translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib along with its commentary and word meanings ) is a famous Eye-Surgeon in Chandigarh who completed his M.B.B.S & M.S. {Eye Surgery} Degree ,from Maulana Azad Medical College,Delhi,India in 1983.He started his career as an Eye Surgeon from Maulana Azad Medical College itself ;and then for five years , he worked along with World renowned ;Padma Shri Award Recipient Eye Surgeon,Dr.Daljit Singh in Amritsar. Since then ,he has been running his own Eye Clinic in Chandigarh.

Since last 25 years,he has been conducting/doing Eye Surgery Camps all over India & has been associated with many organizations for this noble cause to serve the society. Although he himself firmly believes in values & is one of those persons who never takes credit for anything & has never charged for his services but at the same time it always hurts him when he finds that ,in contemporary world,some of famous public figures; who proudly call themselves as social workers too have some vested interests in rendering their services for the society.

In his opinion Medical profession is the most noble profession where one can do social service as well. He has a vision for a welfare society (Halemi-Raj) & has an ultimate aim in his life to build a Hospital where everyone can get best Medical treatment free of charge.

irrespective of their status! Though today he finds difficult to fulfill his dream but ,at the same time ,fully aware of the fact that Every idea is a Dream before it becomes a reality.

He is hopeful & anxiously waiting for that Day..................


Dr.Gurdeep Kaur said...

Sat Sri Akal,
Valuable information regarding Prof.Sahib Singhji is given by Dr.Gurjeet Singh which Sikh Blog wants to share with all its valuable readers:

Prof.Sahib Singh wrote only one wrong statement in his life.He wrote in his autobiography,"I have given only one thing to my children in life i.e.GARIBI GARIBI and GARIBI ".I think he was the richest man on earth in true sense of GURBANI.
Prof Sahib Singhji was born in a so called poor Hindu family and later he achieved rarest of rare distinction of writing Guru Granth Sahib darpan.He was sent to this earth only for this great purpose,by Parmatma!
Today all his children and grandchildren are either V.C.s or great doctors and engineers but nobody can beat the rare work done by him.
Though,I have read Darpan four times but still consider myself as if I know only one percent of GURBANI!
Prof. Sahib Singhji was a noble soul in real sense of the term.
Dr. Gurjit Singh

Dr.Gurdeep Kaur said...

The Sikh Philosophy has produced the concept of Halemi -raj/Ideal State which is founded on compassion,moral values,theological norms,& people's welfare without any discrimination on the grounds of sex,caste,country,race & social position.Benevolence & equality are the characteristics of Halemi-raj;which are deeply rooted in the institutions of Sangat,Pangat,Kirtan,Krah-Parshad and Gurudwara established by the Sikh Gurus.

The first principal of Halemi-raj finds its expression in Guru Arjan Dev's dream of a divine order of peace,non-violence and amity where human behaviour is governed by courtesy,modesty,humility,and other human virtues; where there is no suffering,poverty,domination,exploitation and where compassion finds its highest manifestation in as if flowing from God's mercy.

The other ingredient of Halemi-raj is provided & projected by Bhagat Ravidas in his hymns;Beghumpura.......,meaning a land without fear or grief,where everyone was free from tension,worries,sufferings and pains;where the citizens did not have to pay the taxes nor did they face injustice.Both rulers and the ruled were devoid of the voices of lust and greed & lived like one family in harmony.The ruler behaving as the father with the people as his own children.
The concept of Justice is also a part of Bhagat Ravida's dream of a society where no discrimination between a low & high caste & where ,as Ravidas himself admits that he as a low caste tanner was not despised or looked down upon by the high caste but honoured by the fifth Guru Arjan Devji by including his prayers in the holy Sikh Scripture; Guru Granth Sahib.This was the highest egalitarian ideal adopted by the Sikh Gurus & Bhagat Ravidas is mostly quoted by scholars in their description of an ideal society.

Another reference to the component of Halemi-raj is conceptualised by Guru Nanak Devji who considers Truth as the basic structure of an Ideal society.To him. God's empire was like the fortress of Truth.To quote:
Nanak Raj Chalaya Sach Kot Satani Nivide.(SGGS.p.966) i.e. Guru Nanak established the Lord's empire & laid a strong foundation of the fortress of truth.
The practical shape of such a society(Halemi-raj),according to the Sikh value system was given by Maharaja Ranjit Singh who established the first ever Sikh Republic(1799-1839).