Sunday, May 28, 2017

Yogi’s security staff ask Sikh to remove turban

Shahira Naim
Tribune News Service
Lucknow, May 27
A local Sikh at Yogi Aditayanath’s “Janata Darbar”at Gorkahpur was today asked to remove his turban before meeting the Chief Minister. The incident occurred on the second day of the CM’s two-day visit to his constituency.
Tejpal Singh, a resident of Dharamshala Market area, was waiting for the Chief Minister at his Gorakhnath Temple ashram. He was asked by security personnel to remove his kirpan. Tejpal reluctantly did so after putting up some resistance. Then as he was about to clear the security cordon, he was told to remove his turban too.
Taken aback, Tejpal refused to oblige and there was a commotion. Others waiting to meet the CM came to Tejpal’s rescue and the security staff had to give in.
Tejpal complained against the security staff to the CM, who reportedly instructed his personal secretary to reprimand the officials.
“My family has been visiting the Gorakhnath Temple ashram for generations. Even when Yogi was MP, I had visited him on several occasions. This is the first time that I have been humiliated in this manner,” a dejected Tejpal said.

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