Sunday, May 21, 2017

Attackers Sentenced To 3 Years In Prison For Hate Crime Against Sikh Man

Two Texas men were sentenced to three years in prison on Thursday for beating and cutting the hair of a Sikh man in Richmond, California last year.
Maan Singh Khalsa, 42, appeared before Judge Patricia Scanlon to recount the Sept. 25 attack.
Khalsa, a Sikh American father and IT specialist of South Asian descent, pulled up to a red light as he was driving home on the night of the attack. A white Ford F-150 with five people inside pulled up next to him and the passengers started throwing beer cans at his car, authorities said.
Khalsa drove off and called 911, but the truck followed him. When he stopped at another red light, Chase Little, 31, and Colton Leblanc, 25, got out of the truck, approached Khalsa’s car, and repeatedly punched his face through his open window.
Khalsa pleaded with his attackers, he recalled in Thursday’s hearing, saying: “There is a misunderstanding; I am your brother.”
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