Friday, October 7, 2016

The essence of true friendship

I am a Social activist with the sole aim of serving the society. Truly, it’s difficult to get real friends who are eager to join you in such kind of endeavours as there are no lavish parties, no drinks, no dance and nothing of that sort. Instead, you have to spend time while serving others in one or other way.

Luckily, I got certain good and true friends, who are always there to stand with me. One such person is Vinod who regularly organises the Blood donation camps and you can find a large number of persons donating blood in those camps. He himself has donated blood for over 50 times till date.

Once I got an urgent message from some unknown person that he was in dire need of the few units of Blood that was rarely available. We got the samples and tried our level best in arranging the blood for his father who was suffering from Prostate cancer at a Govt hospital. We can never forget the tears that we saw in the eyes while we handed him the blood units.

One of my other very close friends is Sandeep. He is a joyful person and always aggressive in doing something for the society. We all work together as a team. You can call him any time, i.e. day or night and he rarely says no. He reaches the spot exactly on time without a single shrink in his face. We are always together on any issue that may be Power, Sanitation, Water logging, Drinking water, Environment, Pollution or even Dengue & Chikungunya.

I still remember a person who was not being admitted in a Govt hospital on one pretext or other. He called me and we reached the spot within minutes. We tried our best to help him, but the hospital administration looked in no mood. So we had to force the CMO of the hospital through our contacts and the patient was admitted. We get the real fun and enjoyment, when we are there to serve the persons in dire need.

In my opinion, the essence of true friendship is not in sipping whisky by sitting together in the evening, but by working openly for the society, being together. It’s really difficult to get such kind of true friends, but I am pleased to say that we have such good and true friends who are very close to each other.

This closeness is similar to the closeness of Amitabh and Shatrughan Sinha who will now be visible on a new TV show @ZeeTv along with many other in the Fun filled evenings from 8th of October. It’s truly the double pleasure in viewing such programmes when you are free at home after serving the society. Must view the grand fun filled show Yaroon Ki Baraat on Zee TV as it will strengthen the bonds of true friendship amongst all of us.

You can log on to the link to view more about this Zee TV Show – Yaaron ki Baraat :

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