Wednesday, May 18, 2016

DSGMC President :Seeking Apology from Prime Modi For 1984 Genocide

 New Delhi / 18 May 2016 
 In a letter sent to Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India the President of the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) Manjit Singh G.K. had suggested him to seek apology for 1984 genocide in which thousands of innocent Sikhs were killed mercilessly. The wounds of the genocide are still oozing 32 years after the aghast massacre because families of the victims are waiting for justice.

27 million Sikhs living across the nations are looking towards Government of India for delivery of justice to these families. The fight of Sikhs for justice is unending. Despite the colossal massacre only a few cases were registered against the perpetrators of genocide that too with the intervention of 11 commissions and committees that investigated the genocide from time-to-time, G.K. wrote in letter.  

He said days of massacre are the black days in the history of modern India and so far no effort have been made by the Indian Government to give solace to the Sikh population for the gross injustice done to them and Congress Party which is responsible for perpetrating Sikh genocide has been running the Indian government for most of the 32 years after the genocide. It made all efforts to scuttle the system of giving justice and Sikhs have no hope from them.

DSGMC President said that when BJP government has taken over under the able command of Narendra Modi Sikhs keeps a hope that justice delivery is expedited. G.K. also said that on behalf of the Sikh diaspora he seek from you to offer apology to them as a step towards realising and sharing pain Sikhs are passing through and it would give them a solace and help them heal the wounds even if courts of law take time to pronounce judgments. 

He referred to the world leaders seeking apology form a section for the wrong done to the population. G.K. also suggest that seeking apology will be a step in right direction by a Government elected by the people, represent them and work for their well being.
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